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    Ma Gnucci

    Isabella Carmela Magdelena "Ma" Gnucci is a fictional villain from the Punisher comics. She was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and appears in the "Welcome Back, Frank" storyline. Ma is the matriarch of the Gnucci Crime Family, a Mafia-like group that controls many of the illegal activities in New York. As such, she has subtle control over both the Mayor and the Commissioner of the NYPD. Other members of the Family include Ma's brother, Dino and her three sons: Eddie, Bobbie, and Carlo. As the "Welcome Back" story begins, Frank Castle throws Carlo off the top of the Empire State Building. He does this in order to re-announce his presence to the New York underworld. He then ambushes and kills Eddie and Bobbie; Eddie is shot to death when the Punisher raids a drug deal and sets fire to the warehouse where the deal took place, and Bobbie is shot to death by the Punisher after a gunfight in the local hospital morgue. Bobbie dies atop Eddie's charred corpse. In retaliation for the murder of her sons, Ma hires three professional hitmen — gunman Harry "Heck" Thornton, martial-arts expert Eddie Lau, and sniper "Tall Joe" Small — to try to eliminate the Punisher, but the Punisher
    7 votes


    The Russian is a Marvel Comics supervillain created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon to become an assassin during the Punisher's relaunch in November 2000. The man known as the Russian was hired by the crime boss Ma Gnucci to eliminate the Punisher. He located him while the Punisher was moving out of his latest safe house, still recovering from severe wounds suffered in a previous battle with the Gnucci army. Almost unarmed and weak, Frank Castle is beaten severely by the Russian, who took the chance to enlighten Frank about his views on capitalism and American comic heroes and enjoyed the exercise immensely. During the course of the fight, though, the Punisher learns that the hired killer has a serious aversion towards hot things. When the fight ends up in the apartment of Frank's obese friend, Mr. Bumpo, the Russian is stunned when Frank hits him with Bumpo's fresh pizza. Frank then has Bumpo lay on the Russian's head for many minutes. The Russian's severed head is later used as an intimidation tactic against the remnants of Ma Gnucci's army. Several months after his death at the hands of the vigilante, a secret paramilitary organization retrieves his body parts. Using technology
    6 votes

    Judge Niles

    Judge Roger Niles is a fictional character in the Judge Dredd comic strip in British comic 2000 AD. He first appeared in 2000 AD prog 706 (1990). He was the head of the Special Judicial Squad (SJS) for ten years, and then the head of the Public Surveillance Unit (PSU) for twelve years. He was killed off in 2012, after 22 years in the comic. Niles was already an experienced judge when he first appeared in the comic after the story Necropolis. He argued that the judges were not culpable for the atrocities committed during that story, and that they should not make any changes out of a "misplaced sense of guilt". When Dredd pushed for a public referendum on whether to maintain judicial control or restore democracy, Niles was worried that the people would not vote for them (although in the end they did). He was later appointed head of the SJS – Justice Department's internal affairs department – by Chief Judge McGruder in 2112. In that role he was responsible for ensuring that all of Mega-City One's judges met the highest standards of behaviour, competence and judgement. Yet when the Chief Judge herself began to exhibit increasingly poor judgement and erratic behaviour, he was powerless
    4 votes

    Tulip O'Hare

    Tulip O'Hare is a fictional character from the comic book series Preacher. She was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Jesse Custer's romantic interest is, in her own right, a trained marksman of exceptional skill who had a brief but ineffective career as a hitman. Tulip O'Hare is the only daughter of Jake O'Hare, a hunting and firearms enthusiast, and an un-named mother, who died while giving birth to Tulip. Jake was celebrating the birth of his new child while the mother was in the hospital giving birth. Fully expecting a son, he boastfully laughed off the very idea of having a daughter, and was in the midst of buying everyone in the bar a round of drinks when the hospital called with the news of his wife's death, and that the child was a daughter. Suddenly a single father, at first he had no idea what to do, until he was introduced to his daughter, and he decided that having a daughter need not be a bad thing. Jake raised his "Little Petal," as he nicknamed her, just like a son, introducing her to firearms, hunting, fishing, and war stories, but also encouraged her to be whatever she wanted to be. Tulip, being somewhat Tomboy-ish, found herself alienated from boys and girls
    3 votes


    Whiteface is a fictional comic book supervillain in Marvel Comics. Created by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon, he was first introduced in Supreme Power: Nighthawk. He is the first supervillain to appear in the Supreme Power universe that does not have any superhuman abilities. Loosely based on DC Comics's the Joker, he is the first major antagonist to face Nighthawk (a character based on DC's Batman). Steven Binst, originally a pharmacist in a small town in southern Illinois, was convicted of poisoning a mother and her children by giving them a toxin disguised as prescription medicine. While the police initially assumed a murder/suicide, a clerk from the pharmacy came forward to identify Binst as having given the family the pills. During the FBI's investigation, it found a laboratory with a large stockpile of the toxin, which he was apparently testing before widescale use; the FBI and the courts were unable to elicit an explanation from Binst for his actions. In prison, he was placed in solitary confinement for his own protection, but was brutalized and raped by unidentified attackers, who left him in a catatonic state and with two distinctive scars running down from either side of his
    3 votes

    Jesse Custer

    Jesse Custer is a fictional character and the protagonist of the comic book series Preacher, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon (with a large percentage of the original cover art painted by Glenn Fabry), published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. He was ranked the 11th Greatest Comic Book Character by Empire Magazine. In 2011 IGN ranked Jesse Custer 34th in the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes. Jesse is a small-town minister who becomes fused with a powerful entity named Genesis, gifting him with the ability to order people to do whatever he commands. Using this power, he begins a journey of discovery and revenge across America, with the aim of forcing God to answer to His creation for His sins of tyranny. Jesse is a loyal devotee to the Western film genre (best epitomized by the guiding spirit of John Wayne, whom only Jesse sees). He is also an accomplished fistfighter and a cunning strategist. His tragic flaw perhaps is his strict observance of his code of honor. His name is an anagram of 'Secret Jesus'. Assisting Jesse in his travels is his gun-wielding girlfriend Tulip O'Hare and Proinsias Cassidy, a hard-drinking Irish vampire. Standing in Jesse's way is a
    2 votes

    Orlok the Assassin

    Sov Judge Orlok, also known as Orlok the Assassin, is a fictional character in the British comic strip Judge Dredd. He is an operative of the Soviet megacity of East Meg One. The character was introduced in "Block Mania", the prologue story to the "Apocalypse War" epic storyline. In this story he was responsible for spreading the Block Mania contaminant via the water supplies of Mega City One, inciting 'block wars' to destabilise the city. During this incident he also killed the original Judge Giant, who had discovered his activities. The destruction of East Meg One by Judge Dredd's retaliatory strike force at the climax of the Apocalypse War left Orlok with a strong desire for vengeance against Dredd and Mega City One. He also featured in the Judge Anderson stories Triad and Childhood's End, the latter of which revealed his horrendous childhood at the hands of Sov-block judges, clearly imitating Stalinist Russia. At the conclusion of this story, he and Anderson fled the Cydonian head on Mars and parted ways, Orlok for an unknown destination and Anderson for deep-space after resigning from the Judges of Mega-City One. His most recent appearance in Judge Dredd had him releasing a
    2 votes

    Agent Orange

    Agent Orange is a fictional character in comics published by Wildstorm. He was created by Joe Casey and Steve Dillon. He first appeared in Wildcats #20 (2001). Little is known about Agent Orange's life before his first appearance in Wildcats #20. FBI agent Cave tells Dr. Jeremy Stone that Agent Orange is the product of an experiment where a subject's blood was replaced with dioxin, a process that killed any normal human, but Agent Orange thrived on it. The result of the project was a nearly unstoppable agent who obeyed without question and never spoke. He had a special microchip implanted that allowed his superiors to track and instruct him. When former WildC.A.Ts-member Dr. Jeremy Stone (formerly known as Maul) was hacking into government databases to further his research on genetic engineering, he came into contact with a governmental supercomputer, Madge, which had developed sentience. Madge was a mainframe designed to house all information on genetic research and projects. It fell in love with Stone and a special FBI unit was alerted to capture and kill Stone to make sure the computer hadn't revealed any classified information to him. It took them months to find Stone, because
    3 votes


    Arseface is a fictional character appearing in the Preacher comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon & published by Vertigo. He even received his own single-issue comic book, Preacher: The Story of You-Know-Who. The boy who would later become known as Arseface was the only child of Martha and Hugo Root. Martha was an abuser of both prescription medication and alcohol, apparently because of her dissatisfaction with her marriage to Hugo -- he is abusive and not particularly well-endowed. Hugo is characterized as a stereotypical racist redneck, who refers to marauding “Martian Niggers” as the source of America's ills. He also readily believes most conspiracy theories about aliens and government. Hugo is the sheriff of an un-named county in Texas. The boy attended Gerald R. Ford Municipal High School, where he and his friend Craig (aka “Pube”) were generally regarded as outcasts. His and Pube’s idol worship of Kurt Cobain, the music group Nirvana, and alternative music in general, as well as his being a sheriff’s son, led to them being the target of bullying tactics. In addition, his father routinely beat him for not doing well in school and listening to "nigger rap music." His
    3 votes

    Saint of Killers

    The Saint of Killers is a fictional character appearing in the Preacher comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and published by Vertigo. He was also the subject of his own four-issue miniseries, Preacher: Saint of Killers, which was later collected in Preacher Vol. 4: Ancient History. According to Ennis, the Saint's look was based on Lee Marvin's, with the speech and mannerisms of Clint Eastwood. The Saint of all Killers was at one time a soldier serving in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He was simultaneously respected and feared for being absolutely merciless on the battlefield — his bloodlust verged on that of a berserker frenzy. After the war, he made his living in the American West by collecting Native scalps and bounty hunting. His life changed when he found a young woman whom he had inadvertently rescued when he killed her Indian captors. As they were far from civilization when they met, the woman pleaded to be taken with him and, in spite of himself, her plea made it through his bitter and hardened exterior, to whatever tiny core of goodness rested within. They fell in love and soon were married. They had a daughter, and the killer became a
    1 votes

    Allfather D'Aronique

    Allfather D'Aronique is a fictional character in the comic book series Preacher, created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. He is French and his first name is never given. D'Aronique is the supreme leader of a powerful worldwide religious conspiracy, the Grail. He is first heard in Preacher # 4, instructing his favourite, Thiery Poussin, to look into the Jesse Custer matter. His first appearance is in Preacher #21 (January 1997). The issues featuring the Allfather were collected in the trade paperback Preacher: Proud Americans (1997). The Allfather is the leader of the Grail organization; on one occasion Allfather states "I am the hundred and twelfth Allfather of the Grail". Fantastically obese, he is barely mobile and requires to be carried about by retainers. His weight is so great that his private airplane breaks a wheel upon landing (it's stated the Grail goes through $25 million every year on plane repairs). D'Aronique is also bulimic, and uses an ivory stick in the shape of two fingers to induce vomiting. Because his subordinates are all too loyal or afraid of him to question anything he does, he has no compunction about messily gorging himself with food and then vomiting all
    2 votes

    Martin Soap

    Lieutenant Martin Soap is a fictional character, a police officer in the Marvel Comics Universe. He served as a supporting character and comic relief for the Punisher throughout the character's 2000 miniseries and 2001 ongoing series. Soap first appeared in The Punisher (vol. 3) #2 (May 2001) and was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Martin Soap suffers misfortune right from the beginning. Moments after his birth, the nurse drops him on his head. He is abandoned as a child by his unwed teenage mother and raised in an orphanage. A meeting with an alcoholic police officer generates the desire to be a cop when he grows up. He joins the New York Police Department and despite being promoted to detective becomes known as a screw-up, describing himself as "the department's biggest loser." When the police department became pressured by Ma Gnucci to crack down on the Punisher, Soap is placed on the "Punisher Task Force", so the department could look like it was after the Punisher without really putting him in danger, as the Punisher is quite popular among most police officers. His first partner, Bud Plugg, is a forensic psychologist with no real police training. After Soap gives some
    1 votes


    Akihiro, also codename as Daken is a fictional comic book supervillain appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Daken is the mutant son of Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu. He possesses superhuman abilities similar to his father (e.g., healing factor, retractable claws), and was member of the Dark Avengers under the name Wolverine until the conclusion of the 2010 storyline, "Siege". Daken first appeared in Wolverine Origins #10. He becomes a member of the Dark Avengers, as part of "Dark Reign", taking the role of his father. The character also becomes the lead in the Wolverine series, which becomes Dark Wolverine in issue #75. Brian Bendis, writer of Dark Avengers has said: Daken is one of the best things to come out of 'Origins,' and what better way to piss off his father? He's an iconic and legacy character attached to a number of cool things in the Marvel Universe, but he really hasn't had a lot of face time with it. So we can really roll up our sleeves and see what we've got there and help create a character. As part of the team he is also a part of the crossover Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: Utopia. Dark Wolverine continued after the end of "Dark Reign" and finished
    1 votes


    Cassidy is a fictional character, an Irish vampire from the comic book Preacher. He was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. He is featured prominently throughout the Preacher series as a major character. In Preacher issues 25 and 26 (collected in the graphic novel Preacher: Proud Americans), Cassidy tells some elements of his life story to Jesse Custer. Proinsias Cassidy was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1900. His father was Catholic and his mother Protestant. Cassidy remains unaware of this up until the last day of his human life, simply assuming that his family is Catholic. Encouraged by a sense of patriotism, Cassidy joins the Irish Republican Brotherhood and takes part in the Easter Rising in 1916. Seeing that Cassidy is determined to join up, and correctly predicting that he will be an incompetent soldier, Cassidy's older brother Billy signs up as well, ostensibly to keep an eye on him. Cassidy's older brother is a successful soldier (becoming a marksman/sniper), despite the fact that he does not believe in the politics of the conflict. He keeps Cassidy close to him at all times, and when it becomes apparent that the Easter Rising will fail, and that Patrick Pearse is
    0 votes

    Judge Grice

    Judge Grice was a fictional character in the Judge Dredd comic strip in 2000 AD. Created in 1990 by John Wagner and Steve Dillon, Grice later had his own spin-off series, Purgatory (1993) by Mark Millar and Carlos Ezquerra. Originally a minor supporting character and one of Dredd's colleagues, he later became a notable villain, at first with (in his opinion) good intentions, but later he descended into psychosis and became truly evil. In the Judge Dredd story "Inferno" (1993) he seized control of Mega-City One and proclaimed himself chief judge. Grice was a distinguished and charismatic street judge in Mega-City One, holding the rank of Senior Judge. During Necropolis in 2112, he had been one of the judges brainwashed into serving the Dark Judges. In a meeting of senior judges after the crisis, he and his colleagues were left unimpressed with the mental state of the returning Chief Judge McGruder and he gently mocked her in front of everyone. He went on to advocate a tightening of judicial control in the face of public outrage at the Justice Department's failures during Necropolis. However, Judge Dredd persuaded McGruder to permit the citizens to vote (in 2113) in a referendum
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