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Top 5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

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    Steam Extraction Method

    This one is preferred when the carpet is heavily soiled, stained and hasn't been cleaned for a while. If you have kids which like to spend lots of time on that carpet, then steam extraction is the right method for you. To perform the service, the professional carpet cleaners bring a special steam cleaning machine, which uses high pressure to inject a very thin mist of hot water and cleaning solution deep into the carpet. When the heat and the cleaning product are combined, they immediately release the dirt and grime from the carpet fibres, while a strong vacuum is used to extract all the moisture and dirt from it at the same time. Except for stains, the steam cleaning also efficiently removes all kinds of unpleasant odours and kills dust mites and harmful bacteria.

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    Bonnet Cleaning

    This is also sometimes described as dry cleaning, but it's a wet process actually. First the cleaning solution is mixed with some carbonated water, and after that they apply it to the carpet as a mist. Then they use the so called “bonnet” which is a big rotating buffer, to spread the cleaning product. The bonnet also has an absorbent pad on the bottom, which absorbs all the dirt while you use it on the carpet. When the pad in question gets dirty, it can easily be replaced with a new one. The cleaning process continues until the pad stops getting dirty.

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    Dry Compound Extraction

    This method is usually called dry cleaning, and it includes spreading a dry powder product on the carpet surface and working it into the fibres with a motorized or manual brush, depending what you have on hand. This way the dirt will be dislodged and ready to be removed from the carpet. Sometimes the cleaner can also add an additional compound if the carpet is heavily stained. Once the powder completely absorbs the dirt, it can be removed using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

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    Foam Extraction

    This professional carpet cleaning method is also called carpet shampooing. First, a foam-based cleaning solution is being introduced to the carpet. After that they use motorized brushes to scrub the carpet and extract all the dirt from it. Once the foam does its job and removes all the dirt from the carpet fibres, they leave it to dry completely. Once this happens, all the dirt and residue are being removed from the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

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    Low-Moisture Extraction

    This method can also sometimes be referred to as steam cleaning, but there are a few differences, which are important. The cleaning product is usually mixed with some warm or hot water and applied on the carpet in the form of a spray. The heat and the solution make the dirt come off, and the experienced carpet cleaners remove it from the carpet with a special vacuum cleaner. Then there is some drying time, which can vary from a couple of hours to up to 12 hours, depending on the carpet fibre and the type of cleaning gear you use.

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