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Orange Is The New Black Character Rankings (Season 2)

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    Poussey Washington

    Poussey Washington

    • Played by: Samira Wiley

    A front-runner for Season 2 MVP, Poussey showed more bravery, strength, and other-qualities-that-are-used-to-described-good-people than anyone else in Litchfield. Poussey had everything taken away from her, and although she briefly turned to abusing her prison hooch to cope her strength kept her going long enough for her old friends to realize what Vee was doing to them and help stand up to her. Her difficulties with her attraction to her best friend Tastyee added another tragic level to Poussey's life, especially juxtaposed with her backstory living in Germany and her history with love. Poussey was an entertaining character in Season 1 and always brought the fun, but Season 2 turned her into the tragic hero of Litchfield, and it was a relief amonst everyone to see her smiling again and really mean it.

    50 votes
    Miss Rosa

    Miss Rosa

    • Played by: Barbara Rosenblat

    No one would've suspected last year that Miss Rosa would not only be incredibly important to Season 2, but that she would rise to the top of one of the best casts in television. Miss Rosa's battle with cancer and lust for the exciting life she once led brought us the exceptional conclusion to the season and the first conclusion for an important characters story in Orange is the New Black that doesn't end in a firing, a death, or being moved to a max facility prison. You'll never be able to listen to "Don't Fear The Reaper" the same way again.

    46 votes
    Lorna Morello

    Lorna Morello

    • Played by: Yael Stone

    Morello may just be the nicest crazy person to ever exist. She's a sweetheart who just wants the best for everyone and enjoys smiles, although she also has an awful habit of being an obsessive stalker of the "Christopher" she's talked so much about in the past. Morello's bad habits are just tragic enough that one gets the feeling that she can't help herself in her actions, and her confrontation with Christopher in the visiting room is one of the most painful scenes in the whole series. Here's hoping Morello can build her life back up after watching it all fall apart.

    45 votes
    Nicky Nichols

    Nicky Nichols

    • Played by: Natasha Lyonne

    Nicky Nichols did a pretty good job keeping a level-head this season as well as acting as a voice of reason for many of the prisoners around her. Between giving wisdom to Poussey, assisting Red in her quest to overthrow Vee, and her unfortunately failed attempt to seduce Officer Fischer. Nichols was one of the few sources of light and good this season, and it almost appeared like she was happy for most of the season. One can only imagine what she's going to do with that stash of heroin though...

    41 votes
    Galina "Red" Reznikov

    Galina "Red" Reznikov

    • Played by: Kate Mulgrew

    Red ended Season 1 falling out of power, having lost her position as kitchen head as well as her friends. It Red took a long time to figure out that people don't want to be soliders, they wanted to be family, but when she realized she came through in spades. Not only did she accept and find value in her fellow "Golden Girls", she opened herself up and become the maternal figure that others hoped for her to be all along. Not that it helped protect her from the wave of destruction that was Vee, but it didn't hurt.

    37 votes
    Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren

    Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren

    • Played by: Uzo Aduba

    Oh Suzanne. Poor Poor Suzanne. She may not have gotten hurt the most in season 2, but you can tell Warren is going to be feeling the lasting effects of Vee's departure for years to come. It's truly tragic that the only person who really attempted to be a mother to Suzanne in prison was manipulating her and using her mental issues to her advantage. One of the biggest conversations of the season amongst fans has been "Is Suzanne really being manipulated, or is she just a bad person who never had enough power to really be bad before?". Whatever side of the argument you fall on, there's no way you can feel anything but sorrow for Suzanne in her final shot of the season, crying over the Uno cards that Vee gave her.

    34 votes
    Piper Chapman

    Piper Chapman

    • Played by: Taylor Schilling

    Piper Chapman, our lead heroine whose eyes we first peered at Litchfield through, has been through a lot. An immense amount. Her boring white lifestyle got upended and we spent the first season following her transformation. However, in season two Chapman takes a bit of a backseat to the more interesting struggles at Litchfield, but still manages to have a heart and the only person she may have screwed over (Alex) she did so with good cause. If not an interesting person, it was nice to see Chapman maintaining her moral point of view, especially after seeing so many other prisoners compromise theirs. And props must be given to her for her part in overthrowing the administration of the prison facility.

    35 votes
    Gloria Mendoza

    Gloria Mendoza

    • Played by: Selenis Leyva

    Gloria's reign as head of the kitchen was one full of rice, beans, and void of the smuggling that Red made a name for herself out of. Stuck between Red and Vee's power struggle, Mendoza managed to protect her people and continue feeding the prison which is an admirable feat. Her attempts to curse Vee clearly worked as well, so props to her for that.

    29 votes
    Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

    Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

    • Played by: Danielle Brooks

    Taystee's venture into prison smuggling may have given her power and a relationship with her faux-mother, but it took her sense of humor away. The Taystee of season 1 was fun, exciting, and always a hoot. The Taystee of season two was serious, and not in control of her own life. As if that wasn't enough, she traded in her iconic hairdo for a set of rough-and-tumblr cornrows that were perfectly symbolic of her sacrifice of fun for power. It was real good to see Taystee coming back to the light side again at the end of the season.

    31 votes
    Sister Jane Ingalls

    Sister Jane Ingalls

    • Played by: Beth Fowler

    Sister Ingalls got a lot more fleshed out in Season 2, particularly in the endgame of the season and the hunger strike which she took under her wing to a dangerous extent. Hopefully, her experiences will have a good effect on newcomer Brooke Soso, who shares her political ideals with Ingalls if not her reserved approach.

    28 votes
    Sophia Burset

    Sophia Burset

    • Played by: Laverne Cox

    For being such a strong presence and a fan favorite in Season 1, there wasn't a whole lot of Sophia this season other than watching her educate women on their vaginas, and getting to play an adorable game of cards with her son along with her usual hairdresser duties. Always a nice presence, it's good that she didn't get caught up in the race wars that were plauging Litchfield but it's also a waste of a fantastic character.

    27 votes
    Alex Vause

    Alex Vause

    • Played by: Laura Prepon

    How you feel about Alex is all about perspective. Did she fuck over Piper, or was the decision she made really the best possible option for all involved parties? Was it just miscommunication? If Alex thought Piper was going to tell the truth, was it wrong of her to change her mind and tell the truth? If she did fuck Piper over, did she get what was coming to her by having to live in fear after her failed testimony? Is Alex the bad guy? Does Alex think she's the bad guy? What's it gonna be like with Alex back in prison? So many questions, understandably so with Alex's smaller role this season. Although her role was smaller, her presence was felt regularly throughout the season.

    31 votes
    Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Dogget

    Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Dogget

    • Played by: Taryn Manning

    Pennsatucky had a lot of redeeming to do, after ending Season 1 attempting to murder Chapman and ending up with an almost empty mouth. This year, she got herself a new set of teeth but unfortunately lost her old gang of pals, leading to a friendship with Officer Healy where they help each other through their loneliness. While this doesn't work out well for Healy, Dogget begins to open herself up and forms an unlikely friendship with Big Boo.

    26 votes
    Dayanara Diaz

    Dayanara Diaz

    • Played by: Dascha Polanco

    Daya's still keepin that baby warm in her belly, and had a lot of difficulty determine what the right thing to do was regarding Bennet and Sanchez. Still, her primary purpose still seems to be "I'm having a baby" and has never really tried to do good by anyone but herself, which is both a survival technique and a good way to end up alone. Daya has a lot farther to go before she becomes someone audiences look forward to seeing.

    31 votes
    Yvonne "Vee" Parker

    Yvonne "Vee" Parker

    • Played by: Lorraine Toussant

    Vee is a monster. She walked into Litchfield and within a few weeks was queen of a drug empire, having left scorched earth behind her. To give a list of all the awful things she has down would be to give a complete summary of the main plot of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black. Vee is the worst. I'm partly surprised the final song of season wasn't "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead".

    27 votes
    "Black" Cindy Hayes

    "Black" Cindy Hayes

    • Played by: Adrienne C. Moore

    Black Cindy seemed pretty comfortable being Vee's subject until there was a broken broom handle at her throat. Her backstory showed her enjoyment of the perks of immoral living, even if her reponsibilities as a mother were always knocking at her door. Black Cindy came around at the end, but it took an awful lot to get there.

    24 votes
    Carrie "Big Boo" Black

    Carrie "Big Boo" Black

    • Played by: Lea Delaria

    Big Boo is an easy character to go back and forth on. On one hand, she's easily one of the funniest and most entertaining people in Litchfield. On the other, she's one of the biggest weasles in the facility, not even thinking twice before selling out Red, who invited her into her "family", to try and gain favor with Vee. Either way, she's a good character to have around from a narrative stand point because she always shakes things up Littlefinger-style. As a person though? She's that friend you keep around cause they're funny but once they get out of check no one minds if you don't invite them around anymore.

    23 votes
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