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Most famous Composers from Bahrain

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    Khaled El Sheikh

    Khaled El Sheikh (Arabic: خالد الشيخ), or Khalid Al-Shaikh, born in Bahrain on 23 September 1958. Graduated from Secondary Education in Bahrain in 1975. Joined Kuwait University, Economic & Political Science College for three years (1975–1978). Joined Higher Institute of Music (Conservatoire – Egypt) for one year 1979–1980. Married with 5 daughters (Dareen, Noor, Marwa, Samawa, and Wanas). Honored in 12th Bahrain International Musical Festival on 14 October 2003. Honored by Culture & Arts Directorate, Ministry of Information for best music and sound effects for Akhbar AlMajnoon play on 6 July 2005. Khalid AlSheikh the best bahraini singer received numerous awards and certificates of appreciation and honor throughout his career: A certificate of appreciation and honor of the festival of Eid art Iraq 1985 A guest of honor and appreciation in the Arab Song Festival VI, primarily in Bahrain 1996 Testimony in honor of the Bahrain International Festival XI Music Bahraini October 2003 The prize for best music and sound effects, "the formation of music and songs" 2005 Shield pilot astronauts Arab music in the Doha Song Festival VIII January 2007 Own Albums: Kulama Kunta Bequrbi,
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    Mohammed Haddad

    Mohammed Haddad

    Mohammad Haddad (Arabic: محمد حداد‎) (born 2 October 1975) is a Bahraini composer and music critic. He is an active artist in the music scene of Bahrain and a leading composer in the film scores of Bahraini films. He is best known for his work on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed Bahraini motion picture A Bahraini Tale. Mohammed Haddad was born on October 2, 1975, in Muharraq, Bahrain, the second child of father Qassim Haddad and Mother Moza Al Shamlan, along with his elder sister Tufool Haddad and younger brother Mahyar Haddad. His father poet Qassim Haddad is an influential cultural figure in Bahrain. In 1982, when Haddad was 7 years old, he told his parents that he wanted to study music and become a musician. Picked up the Keyboard at the age of 8 and quickly became the leading musician in his primary school’s music band. When he moved to his intermediate school at the age of 12, he picked up the Oud and made it his major instrument until he flew to Cairo to pursue a degree in music, where he studied music composition and conducting at the Cairo Conservatory of Music, focusing on the Piano. Upon his return to Bahrain from Cairo in 2001, he secured a position as the
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