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Most famous Bands from Puerto Rico

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    Los Chicos

    Los Chicos (also known as Los Chicos de Puerto Rico) were a popular boy band in Puerto Rico, created to rival Menudo's success. The band was created by Eric Laboy in 1978 to 1985, with the name Encuentro. Due to a political campaign slogan, the name was changed to Los Chicos, which translates to The Kids. They enjoyed huge success during the early 1980s, particularly in Puerto Rico and Central America. A movie (Conexión Caribe) was filmed and a TV show hosted weekly on Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV. Many songs, including Puerto Rico son Los Chicos, Ave María and Mamma Mia became radio favorites, and memorabilia items like posters were mass produced. Los Chicos became national sponsors for Malta Corona and Mahones Savage (Savage Jeans). In October 1983, three of the original members, Ray, Migue and Chayanne, quit the group, alleging poor working conditions. Chayanne became a solo artist and released his first album in 1984. Carlos Alfonso took over the new group with Tony and three new group members (Tico Santana, Jorge Lopez, and Alejandro Farinacci). However, this version did not had the acceptance of the public, and finally the band was dissolved. While it never achieved Menudo's level
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    MDO is a Latin American pop/rock band, spun off in 1997 from the Puerto Rican boy band once known as Menudo. In the mid-1990s, Edgardo Diaz, Menudo's creator and director, sold the rights for the trademarked name Menudo to a Panamanian company. After the release and promotion of Menudo's album Tiempo De Amar in 1996, the remaining line-up formed MDO under the direction and production of Diaz at first. The members at the time were Abel Talamantez, Alexis Grullón, Anthony Galindo, Didier Hernandez and Daniel Rene. Together they recorded the album MDO in 1997. In 1999, they followed it with Un Poco Más. The album featured two English songs, "Groove With Me Tonite" and "Fantasy", in an attempt to cross-over to the US market. The same happened with 2000's Subir Al Cielo which featured two more English singles. That same year, MDO released their first English album titled Little Piece of Heaven, which was distributed internationally. However, problems with member Alexis Grullón and the departure of one of the newer members, Caleb Avilés, forced the group into hiatus. The remaining members decided to follow other musical ventures and organized a final concert to be held at the Luis A.
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    Menudo was a Puerto Rican boy band that was formed in the 1970s by producer Edgardo Díaz, releasing their first album in 1977. The band achieved much success, especially during the 1980s, becoming the most popular Latin American teen musical group of the era. During its course, the band had several radio hits. Their success led them to also release two feature films: Una Aventura Llamada Menudo and Menudo: La Película. The band was a starting point for superstars like Ricky Martin and Robi Draco Rosa, who were members during their youth. Menudo was founded by Puerto Rican producer Edgardo Díaz in the late 1970s. After the success he had with the management of the Spanish teen-group La Pandilla (1973–1976), Díaz returned to Puerto Rico to form a new group. As opposed to La Pandilla, his idea was to form an all-boys group where the members would rotate as they grew older, with the intention to keep the group young. A member would be replaced when he reached his 16th birthday, his voice changed, he grew facial hair, or grew too tall. The first incarnation of the band included two groups of brothers: Díaz's cousins Ricky Meléndez, Carlos Meléndez, Óscar Meléndez, and Fernando
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