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Most famous Actors from Malta

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    Douglas Gresham

    Douglas Gresham

    Douglas Gresham (born November 10, 1945) is an American-born British biographer and film producer, resident in Malta, and one of the two stepsons of C. S. Lewis. Gresham was born in New York City, the son of writers William Lindsay Gresham and Joy Davidman. William Gresham was the author of Nightmare Alley, the recently re-released classic of American noir literature, while Joy Davidman was best known for her book Smoke on The Mountain. The couple divorced in 1954, and Joy relocated to England with her two sons. Until recently, Douglas and his wife, Merrie, lived at Rathvinden House in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland. In 2008, they moved permanently to their house in Malta. They have five children: three sons and two daughters. Gresham's mother had become friends with C. S. Lewis through correspondence, and the friendship blossomed, eventually leading to marriage in 1956. Gresham's mother died of cancer in 1960, and Lewis continued to raise Douglas and his elder brother David. (Lewis had adopted the boys when he married, and The Horse and His Boy is dedicated to them both). At Lewis' death in 1963, his estate went to his brother Major Warren Hamilton Lewis, a renowned
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    Anthony J. Mifsud

    Anthony J. Mifsud is a Maltese-born Canadian actor, singer and songwriter. He performs professionally under the moniker Mif. Mif began his entertainment career in Toronto as the front man and vocalist for the award-winning Canadian hard rock/heavy metal musical group Slash Puppet (1989–1995),originally under the stage name Tony Terrance Dartanian. Mif released two CDs internationally with Slash Puppet. 1993's self-titled EP Slash Puppet was released on Fringe Records. More recently, a 2007 CD reissue of their 1989 independent cassette-only release The Demo, entitled No Strings Attached was released through Sun City Records. No Strings Attached received accolades on several hard rock and heavy metal fanzines worldwide, making it to #7 on Sleaze Roxx's "Top 10 Best" releases of 2007. Other accomplishments with the band include awards for "Best Toronto Club Band" at the 1990 Toronto Music Awards, and "Best Independent Video" for the song "When The Whip Comes Down" at the 1993 Los Angeles Area Music Awards. The songs "When The Whip Comes Down" and "Rippin' On A Wishbone" are featured on the soundtrack of the 1994 Cannon Pictures film Chain of Command starring Michael Dudikoff. Mif left
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    Mario Philip Azzopardi

    Mario Philip Azzopardi (born in Siggiewi, Malta 19 November, 1950; resident of Toronto, Canada), is a television and film director and writer. He has worked on such shows as The Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1 (including its two-hour pilot), and Stargate Atlantis. In 2008 he directed all eight episodes of the highly acclaimed and award winning HBO Canada/TMN miniseries ZOS: Zone of Separation, which he co created and produced. Mario Philip Azzopardi should not be confused with Maltese poet, short story writer and columnist Mario Azzopardi (born 1944), who is also involved in theatre and directs the Malta Drama Centre. In 1971, while still a student at the Royal University of Malta, he directed Il-Gaġġa, presumed to be the first full-length feature filmed entirely in Maltese. Transferred to digital format and enhanced, the film was re-released in Malta in March 2007. Azzopardi left his native Malta for Canada in 1978, following a dispute with local censors and theatre authorities who, in 1977, had cancelled his play, Sulari Fuq Strada Stretta, on the grounds that it was too offensive; the play was eventually presented at the Manoel Theatre in January 2008. Azzopardi was educated at St
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    Joseph Calleia

    Joseph Calleia

    Joseph Calleia (August 4, 1897 – October 31, 1975) was a Maltese born American singer, composer, screenwriter and actor, both on Broadway and in film. Calleia played opposite some Hollywood greats, including John Wayne, William Holden, Errol Flynn, Rita Hayworth, Mae West, Bette Davis, Orson Welles, Jane Russell, Alan Ladd, William Powell, Mario Lanza, Charlton Heston, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Tyrone Power, and Anthony Quinn. Born at Saqqajja Square, Rabat, Malta, to Pasquale and Elena Calleja, he was educated at St Julian's and St Aloysius colleges in Malta. He organized a harmonica band of boys which earned him enough money to leave Malta in 1914, at age 17, and began his career touring Europe as a teenage singer with a harmonica band, appearing in the cafés and music halls of many war-torn and weary capital cities. He later went to New York as a singer and then turned to drama. Although Calleia made over 50 films, he always claimed to enjoy stage performance to film acting. He was considered a "bright light" on Broadway between 1926 and 1945, and appeared in several hit plays, including: By 1931, Calleia had landed an MGM contract in Hollywood, where he successfully pursued
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    Colin Zammit

    Colin Zammit (born June 30 1973) is an actor and singer. He was born Colin Zammit-Lupi in Malta. Following an early stage career in Malta, he moved to London in 2002 and trained at the Royal Academy of Music. He appeared in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" between 2004 and 2006. He also appeared in the TV film "What We Did On Our Holiday" on ITV in 2006.
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