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Most famous Actors from Ecuador

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    Fausto Mino

    Fausto Mino

    Fausto Miño (born 1981) won the Quinde de Oro Award Fausto Miño was born in 1981 in Ambato, Tungurahua, Ecuador, son of a Quiteño (a person from Quito) father and a manabita (Chone) mother. He began to compose and play music at the age of 15, thanks to a neighbor's influence, with whom he learned to play the guitar. With only three chords he was able to compose 22 songs. Thereafter he composed more songs, now holding a repertoire of 70 songs. He also participated in the movie "Qué tan lejos", directed by Tania Hermida, in which he was a supporting actor playing an egotistical and superficial character.He received the "Quinde de Oro" which took place at Itchimbía on August 12–13. He also participated in the promotion of "Enseñame y Aprendere", theme of the campaign Niñoesperanza de UNICEF and Ecuavisa. Now he is taking part of the Gamavision TV show "Bailando por un sueño". Guido Ditto is his cousin. Alexandra Castillo calls him "El Churoncito" Serracosteño : His first album has 8 songs. The CD is named for his roots. In this first album, the cumbia and "son" rhythms prevail. He started to work in this album in 2003 with Diego Acosta. This CD includes singles like Mara Rocío, Baila
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    Diego Serrano

    Diego Serrano (born February 5, 1973) is an American actor. Serrano was born in Quito, Ecuador. He has appeared on The Young and the Restless as Diego Guittierez (2001–2002) and the long-running, defunct soap opera, Another World as Tomas Rivera (1993–1997). In 2000, he starred alongside star Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Fox television series "Time of Your Life". He also appeared in the 2005 film The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green playing Kyle Underhill, a professional baseball player who comes out as gay and authors an autobiography. Serrano played the role of Richard in the film The Ode (2008) based on the novel Ode to Lata by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla. He also appeared with Rosie Perez, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Tony Award winner, Patti Lupone in Nancy Savoca's The 24 Hour Woman as "Eddie Diaz." He is in a long-term relationship with actress Cote de Pablo.
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    Victor M. Medina

    Victor M. Medina

    Victor Medina-San Andrés (born Victor M. Medina) September 25, 1974 Guayaquil), Ecuador is an American filmmaker who emigrated to the United States in 1990. Victor and his brother Guillermo moved from Ecuador at an early age and resided in New York City and Virginia Beach, Virginia where they both were adopted by an uncle on their father's side. When the family split Victor decided to stay in Virginia Beach and finish high school at First Colonial High School where he met wonderful teachers and mentors. After finishing high school Victor moved to New York City and studied design. Getting jobs with different design and furniture showrooms in New York City, he quickly built his clientele and started his own company Modern Loft Design Group which he built to have up to 30 employees. After a few years of doing design work, he decided to travel and sold his company to undisclosed buyers. Victor took a long trip on and off for three years, he traveled all over South America, Europe and the west coast of Africa until he decided to come back to New York City. When he returned he started consulting for a few companies and got the opportunity to work in a short film called Psychonaut as an
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    Rodrigo Moreira

    Rodrigo Moreira

    Rodrigo Moreira (born June 19, 1984 in Milagro, Guayas) is an Ecuadorian model and a former Mister Latin America from Ecuador. Rodrigo Moreira is a Ecuadorian male model who was born in Milagro, Guayas. Standing at 6'1, his modeling career started in Bogota and Medellin at the age of 16. He has worked and modeled in Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador for Abercrombie & Fitch, D, Sonoma Jeans, Moche, Koziuko, Haberdasher Jeans, Julio Asang, Ivan Vizuete, and other international brands names and fashion designers. He speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. He is Graphic Designer, at the Espol and Journalist at the Guayaquil University. In 2009 he worked as producer and TV Host for TELEMILAGRO-UNIVISA. Currently Director of RM Models Agency, Founder and President of the Miss Teen Earth International Beauty Pageant and other competitions. Rodrigo Moreira, is a pageant titleholder from Ecuador who was competed as Mister Milagro in the Mister Guayas 2009 pageant and placed as first runner up. He won the Mister Costa 2009 title in the state pageant held in Guayaquil, Ecuador on May 2009. Two months after represented Ecuador in the Mister Latin America 2009 pageant, in Lima
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    Carlo Alban

    Carlo Alban (born October 3, 1979) is an Ecuadorian actor. He is known as Carlo from Sesame Street (1993–1997), appearing in the telefilm Elmo Saves Christmas. He grew up in Sayreville, New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, majoring in visual arts. He has had recurring roles in Strangers with Candy, Thicker Than Blood, and The Tavern. Alban has also guest starred on Law & Order, The Jury, Touched by an Angel, the HBO prison-themed series Oz, Deadline, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and in Prison Break as Luis "McGrady" Gallego. Alban played the role of Dwayne 'Birdman' in Whip It, Drew Barrymore's directorial debut.
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    Albert Paulsen

    Albert Paulsen

    Albert Paulsen (b. Albert Paulson, 13 December 1925, Guayaquil, Ecuador — d. 25 April 2004, Los Angeles, California) was an Ecuadorian-American actor who appeared in many United States television series beginning in the 1960s, playing characters primarily of European origin. He died from natural causes at the age of 78. In 1964 he won an Emmy Award for the Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre presentation One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.
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