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How to Use the Source Orb VapePen

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    Charge it

    Once you receive your brand new orb (or other model), you should plug it in and make sure it is fully charged. It’s best to use the provided charging equipment provided by the manufacturer to make sure those lithium ion cells are properly charged. It will definitely take a bit of time, but will be well worth it if you really want to get the most from your new vape.

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    Read about it

    A lot of vape users most likely do not do this, but reading the guide can be quite helpful. Sure, most well-designed vapes should be self-explanatory and practical, but it’s best to be prepared and understand your vape pen functions right from the beginning, especially if you’re new to vaping. At the very least, you should know whether or not your specific model was made for pre-filled oil and propylene glycol mix, disposable oil cartridges, flowers, or an unmixed oil such as shatter or wax.

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    Run it

    It’s best to run your new found paraphernalia without anything in it, to help you burn off any factory flotsam or debris to prevent it from entering into your lungs when vaping. This does not guarantee that you will eliminate all factory debris, but does help reduce the risk. It’s really simple to burn off the unwanted stuff. Take your vape outside and turn the heat up to the maximum setting for about 30 to 90 seconds and voila! You should have a clean vape pen that is ready to use!

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    Fill it

    Since vape models like the orb vaporizer pen are typically excellent for vaping extracts and concentrates, all you should will most likely need to do is dab small amount of your preferred material onto the wick or atomizer. Typically, oil mixes are loaded into a sort of tank where the oil drips right onto the heated atomizer.

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    Smoke it

    Most vape pens heat up right away when the user inhales while some models heat up with the push of a button. A red light usually appears to indicate that the vape is ready to smoke. 

    If you’re trying to find the best vaporizer pen, like the source orb coil-less vape pen for the ultimate vaping experience, you need to check out for a selection of the best and latest models. You will also find tips and instructions on your chosen model.

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