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  • Apr 11th 2016
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    Control the Temperature

    Since we already know what temperature mold needs to grow, controlling the temperature of your home (where possible) is absolutely essential for stopping mold growth. Use air conditioning units/systems during the hot summer months, try to keep your home shaded with trees or use blinds instead of curtains to block the sun. Even installing awnings where the sun might be the strongest can help keep your home cooler. These types of investments could save you a headache and the expense of having mold removed in the future.

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    Keep Things Clean

    A lot of materials in our homes provide the perfect source of nutrients for mildew to feed on. Natural fibers used in clothing, furnishings, untreated paper materials, glues used in book bindings, starch left in clothing, and some materials used in grout. Materials like ceramic tiles, glossy paint, and glass don’t allow mold to grow as long as they are clean, but all they need is just a small amount of soil to feed the nutrients and that’s all it takes for mold to grow out of control. Even soap residue in shower stalls is known to cause mildew growth. Just keep things clean and you should be fine. 

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    Remove Moisture in Your House

    Warm air holds more moisture than cool air does, so it’s important to take certain measures to try and control the moisture level in your home, especially if you live in a Coastal Area. Breathing, baking, cooking, washing and drying clothes, showers and baths, washing dishes and floors, are some things that add moisture in the air. Try using a dehumidifier and reducing the amount of moisture-producing activities you do in the house during the already hot and humid summer months. Make sure proper ventilations are installed and in working order too. You don’t want to have to worry about mold remediation in the future. 

    If you’re in need of mold remediation Wilmington, NC, please visit to book your appointment right away. You don’t want to risk  having your mold growth problem getting any worse.

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