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    Implement the utilization of qualifying questions

    Yes, shorter sign up forms can be far better for conversions, however, some compromising must happen. If you add a supplementary question or two by the end of your form to help qualify your leads for your sales groups, it could make an enormous difference on sales. You can ask questions that revolve around your lead's biggest challenge right now or something similar. Essentially, what you're doing here is tailoring your offer to match their specific problem or challenge, and this type of approach will turn your leads into sales ready in no time because you’re not using a one-size-fits-all plan or approach.

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    Look after your leads

    It is critical to understand that there are no 'bad leads' per se. Think about all your leads as 'sales ready' right from the start. If some leads aren't sales ready yet, they should go into a funnel or bucket where they need to be ‘nurtured’. They probably need continual quality, educational content to remain involved until they move into a sales-ready position.

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    Rate your leads

    Ranking your leads can be an important way to work with the data accumulated from the opt in forms. You can rank your leads by numbers or names so you know what kind of lead they are. The higher your lead’s the rating, the better the lead. This can help determine what leads you need to target almost all of your time and effort and resources which ones not to. It's another way to help you work smarter. 

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    Split Your Business Lead Funnel

    Most companies use a straightforward business lead funnel to monitor their leads. When you use a combo of qualifying questions and automated workflows, you will create various buckets and funnels. To greatly help maximize your sales team's productivity, having various funnels or buckets can help you know where you can allocate your attention and focus. The buckets that are not yet sales ready, can be separated into different buckets. Don’t forget about those leads; just work them differently. 

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