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  • Jun 10th 2016
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    A durable vape is essential

    Durability is vital since there are a lot of flimsy designs available for purchase and that just isn’t going to work for anyone who vapes on a daily basis. Expect to open your wallet a bit wider for a good one, particularly when you need a great vaporizer pen that will last longer than a few weeks or months.

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    Find a portable vape

    If you can’t use and take your portable vaporizer almost anywhere you go, then it actually isn’t very mobile, is it? A portable should be easy to take with you and use anywhere it’s allowed without being too obvious. When shopping around, check out different sizes and consider whether you are able to carry it in your pocket or if it’s relatively easy to take with you while still being discreet. Interestingly, some variations in designs appear to look more like a flask than a pen, which get you some funny looks.

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    Is the vapor any good?

    If you happen to find the perfect vape pen or other portable vape, then you also have to consider the quality of the vapor. If the liquid isn’t properly heated (either not enough heat or too much heat causing it to burn), then it will most likely taste awful, making your portable vape almost useless. 

    You want to make sure it has the right heating element, which can be tricky to locate in a majority of portable designs.

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    It’s as easy as rolling off a log to use

    If you’ve been part of the vaping world long enough, then you probably know that the simple devices part of the ultimate vaping experience. The reason people want to buy portable vapes in the first place is because they want to take their vaping experience with them wherever they go. The last thing any vaporizer enthusiast wants to do is fiddle around with their device when they want to just sit back, relax, and vape. Consider this when shopping for the right portable vape. 

    Here at, we know it can be frustrating to find the right vaporizer pen or portable vape in general. Our site provides reviews on the best and latest vaporizer trends on the market today. To view some examples, please visit our website.

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