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    1.	Style of interior doors

    1. Style of interior doors

    If you cannot decide which door is best for you, pay attention to the classic style.  They perfectly complement the interior, regardless of what colour your furniture or flooring. If the apartment is furnished with minimalist furniture, choose a white, grey or black door in high-tech style. This style is committed to minimalism and combines functionality and modernity. For owners of studio apartments and houses with a non-standard layout, modern doors will be the ideal solution. They often have an unusual shape, which makes it interesting the premises.

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    2.	Interior door colour

    2. Interior door colour

    Most often, designers advise to look at the general interior, because it is desirable not to destroy the integrity of the design. In this case, it is easier to focus on the colour of the corridor or hall. Here the main thing is to choose high-quality models, and then the doors will last for more than one decade, and they will fit any changes in the interior.

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    3.	The size

    3. The size

    You need to know the exact dimensions of the future door. After all, even the minimum error will lead to the fact that it is necessary to change it because replacing a doorway is more complicated, more expensive and not always possible. It is better to turn to professionals. This guarantees the correctness of the door manufacturing, which exactly fit your doorway.

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    4.	Types of interior doors on the way of opening

    4. Types of interior doors on the way of opening

    An important nuance is how the door will open. You need to take into account the free space of the room. There are four types of interior doors:

    · Hinge Doors.

    · Bypass (Sliding) Doors.

    · Folding Doors.

    · Pocket Doors.

    If the main function of the door is not only to divide the room into zones but also to provide heat and sound insulation, you should purchase a swing door.

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    5.	Interior door material

    5. Interior door material

    This is one of the most important criteria. The price of the doors and how long they last will depend on the material. There are these types of materials: solid wood, MDF, hollow core, solid core, metal and glass. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the most durable doors will be solid wood. Solid wood doors can be made from a wide variety of woods, which makes a difference in the overall price.  You can choose the material based on their characteristics, price and quality.

    If you search the perfect internal door for every part of your home contact Walbert Windows and experts will help you choose your future interior doors.

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