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    Stateless is a 2002 album on which the bands Unwed Sailor and Early Day Miners collaborated to create a soundtrack for filmmaker Chris Bennett's film of the same name. The film is included on the Enhanced CD with the entire album playing seamlessly as its soundtrack. The film features around 30 minutes of footage that Bennett shot on Super 8 film during his various travels.
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    The Faithful Anchor

    The Faithful Anchor is a 2001 album by Unwed Sailor. This was the band's first full-length album, featuring eight instrumental pieces, and one song with vocals by bassist Johnathon Ford called "The Quiet Hour."
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    Firecracker EP

    The Firecracker EP is a 1998 release by Unwed Sailor. It served as the band's first release, largely defining their instrumental, bass-anchored songs.
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    Little Wars

    Little Wars is an album by Unwed Sailor. It was recorded between 27 December 2002 and 7 November 2007. The album was released on 1 April 2008 by Burnt Toast Vinyl.
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    The Marionette and the Music Box

    The Marionette and the Music Box is a 2003 concept album by the instrumental rock group, Unwed Sailor. The album consists of 17 instrumental tracks, each of which coincide with a painting by graphic artist Jamie Hunt in the included booklet. The paintings and song titles tell the story of a marionette who journeys out of his cottage and discovers a music box in the woods nearby. The pages following their initial meeting go on to detail the entrance of a mysterious unicorn, the marionette's subsequent "enchantment", his "hopeless pursuit" of the unicorn, and eventually his return to the open arms of the music box. The album was released on compact disc, vinyl, and also in a hardcover book which included large versions of all the paintings in the CD and vinyl booklets, along with the compact disc attached to the back cover.
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