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Best Recording studios of All Time

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    Trident Studios

    Trident Studios was a British recording facility, originally located at 17 St. Anne's Court in London's Soho district. It was constructed in 1967 by Norman Sheffield a drummer of former 1960's group The Hunters and his Brother Barry. The first major hit recorded at Trident was "My Name's Jack" by Manfred Mann in March 1968, which launched its reputation. One of the many famous albums recorded at Trident was Lou Reed's Transformer, produced by David Bowie, who in turn recorded many albums there including The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Rick Wakeman was the in-house session keyboard player at the time and can be heard on many recordings, including the classics "Life on Mars?" and "Changes". The Sheffield brothers' had a relaxed working attitude but also emphasized high standards of audio engineering. The studio's state-of-the-art recording equipment encouraged many artists to record there. In other studios, such as EMI/Abbey Road Studios, the engineers still did most things "by the book". In mid 1968 Trident Studios were among the first in the UK to use Dolby noise reduction, and employ an eight-track reel to reel recording deck. While Abbey Road still only used four-track,
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    British Steel

    British Steel is the sixth album by the British heavy metal band Judas Priest, released on 14 April 1980. British Steel saw the band reprise the commercial sound they had established on Killing Machine however; this time, they abandoned many of the dark lyrical themes which had been prominent on their previous releases. British Steel was recorded at Tittenhurst Park, home of former Beatle Ringo Starr, after a false start at Startling Studios, a recording studio located on Tittenhurst's grounds. Digital sampling was not yet widely available at the time of recording, so the band used analog recording of smashing milk bottles to be included in "Breaking the Law", as well as various sounds in "Metal Gods" produced by billiard cues and trays of cutlery. It was released in the UK at a discount price of £3.99, with the advertisements in the music press bearing the legend "British Steal". Songs "Breaking the Law", "United", and "Living After Midnight" were released as singles. British Steel is the first Judas Priest album to feature drummer Dave Holland. It is also their first album on which all the songs were written by current members of the band: Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings of Destiny
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    IMP Labs

    IMP Labs

    The Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs are directed by Dr. Charity Marsh, Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Performance in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The labs are a primary site for interdisciplinary research and collaborative projects across the University of Regina and among wider communities of interest, particularly in Western and Northern Canada. The labs house the following: The labs are the focal point for the ongoing projects of the CRC. Another component of the CRC research programme is in the areas of new media, Social Network Sites (SNS) such as Facebook and MySpace, video games, and on-line interactive communities, including fan sites. The DJ studio houses seven DJ stations, including Technics 1200, Rane Mixers, Speakers, Technics headphones, and Microphones, as well as a designated facilitator DJ station. The Beat Making and Production Studio houses 9 stations equipped with Pro Tools HD, Reason, Ableton Live, Max MSP, Super Collider, and Final Cut Pro. Additionally the studio is equipped with MPC1000s and MPC2500s, and other sound production devices. The studio doubles as a smart
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    JL Studios Recording

    JL Studios Recording is a professional multitrack recording studio located in Toronto, Canada. The studio was originally set up in 1989 by Jeffrey Leclair, but forced to move in 1992 when the building was sold. The studio relocated to its current location in a former fur and diamond factory in 1994. The Purman building is listed on The City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties. Artists who have recorded at JL Studios Recording include Bobby Curtola, Billy Newton-Davis, No U-Turn Recordings, Universal Music Group, R. Jay Soward, Dinah Christie, Dean McDermott, Jackie Burroughs, Jennifer Dale, Tom Kneebone
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    Hipposonic Studios

    Hipposonic Studios is a music recording studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Originally founded in 1994 by Robert Darch, the studio moved its location in January 2004 from their Kitsilano neighbourhood to 16 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver and the new location was built by the staff under the guidance of world-renowned studio designer John Vrtacic. The studio has moved its location again but into the Old Mushroom Studio building at 1234 West 6th, Vancouver (Near Granville Island) in March 2010. The Old Mushroom Studios is still the same except the old lounge has now been reinvented to be a Mixing Room with a SSL 4000G+ Series Console. The studio houses one mixing and overdubbing room with a Solid State Logic 4000G+ Series, and the old live rooms with a NEVE Console. Over the years Hipposonic has had a wide variety of clients, Canadian and international, including Tom Cochrane, Bif Naked, Delerium, Econoline Crush, Skinny Puppy, K-Os, Kinnie Starr, Lamb of God, Swollen Members, Wu-Tang Clan, Gob, Strapping Young Lad, Boom Desjardins, Marianas Trench, Daniel Wesley, Incura, Hedley, Louise Burns, The Latency, 22Century, 5440, Jakalope and many more. In January 2006 the owner of
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    Little Mountain Sound Studios

    Little Mountain Sound Studios was a music recording facility located at 201 West 7th Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia. For many years, it was the most successful recording studio in Western Canada and was the home for many years to producers Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock. Little Mountain recorded albums by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Metallica, Bryan Adams, Mötley Crüe, David Lee Roth, Loverboy and the Cult among many others. Little Mountain Sound Studios was started in 1972 as a 50/50 partnership between Western Broadcasting (CKNW radio) and Griffiths, Gibson Productions (GGP). Geoff Turner, an unnamed partner with GGP, designed, built and managed the studio. Turner was a long-time audio engineer and studio designer from England by way of New York. CKNW required large recording spaces to record radio jingles, sometimes with a full orchestra. Geoff designed a facility with two large recording studios, and several small recording and production spaces. In 1974, Geoff left Little Mountain to found and operate Pinewood Studios, an audio post production facility named after the famous English recording stages. It is said that his departure was due to a personality conflict between
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    The Hotel2Tango (sometimes referred to as Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango and abbreviated H2T) is a 24-track analogue recording studio situated in the Mile End district of Montreal, Quebec. The current facility is the second to bear the name, and was preceded by a similar operation in the same neighborhood until 2007 when the studio changed locations. The majority of recording projects undertaken at the studio are helmed by one of the facility's four partner-engineers: Efrim Menuck and Thierry Amar, both members of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band and Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, member of Jerusalem In My Heart; and Howard Bilerman. The Hotel2Tango is often closely associated with Constellation Records, a Montreal-based record label. Before becoming a dedicated studio, the original Hotel2Tango acted first as a living space and later as a live performance venue. Future Godspeed You! Black Emperor member Mauro Pezzente and his partner Kiva Stimac first moved into the space that later became the Hotel2Tango in 1995. The loft doubled as a performance space and was dubbed Gallery Quiva, hosting approximately one show per month. However, after less
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    FatLabs is a Canadian home recording studio in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 2003 by Vikas Kohli. The studio is known for its ability to work with an assortment of genres. FatLabs Vikas Kohli was commissioned to produce and co-arrange the song “Apun Ke Saath” for acclaimed Bollywood director Apoorva Lakhia’s major motion picture action film Mission Istanbul which was internationally released on July 25, 2008, and performed by Vivek Oberoi live at the 2008 International Indian Film Academy Awards in Bangkok. Vikas Kohli produced the song "Tere Pyar Mein", which will be featured in the sequel to the Bollywood major motion picture comedy film Tom, Dick, and Harry (2006 film) featuring Indian pop star Mika Singh. Vikas Kohli produced and co-wrote the title track "Dil Yeh" for the film Shanti Baba Ram and the Dancers of Hope, produced by the Canadian Film Centre which was founded by Academy-nominated Norman Jewison. The film was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, Filmi Film Festival, Yellowknife Film Festival, ReelWorld Film Festival, Masala Mehndi Masti, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Lanzarote Film Festival, and won a Bronze
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    Greenhouse Studios

    Greenhouse Studios is a music recording facility founded by Bruce Levens in 1987. The facility has recorded over 1000 albums during the last 20 years. The studio was incorporated as Lions Gate Studios, subsequently changing its name to Vancouver Studios before finally settling on the Greenhouse Studios name. The band Nickelback recorded the Silver Side Up album at Greenhouse Studios. This album would yield the #1 played radio song, 'This is How You Remind' of the decade 2000-2009 according to Neilsen Soundscan. Nickelback would also be named the music group of the decade by Billboard Magazine. Nickelback recorded 3 albums at Greenhouse Studios. The careers of international stars k.d. lang, Queensryche and Sarah McLachlan were built on songs recorded at Greenhouse Studios. The facility has also recorded for many of Canada's top bands including 54:40, Default, Wide Mouth Mason, Matthew Good Band, Age of Electric, Odds, Spirit of the West, Barney Bentall, Colin James and Pluto. An unknown torch singer from Alberta started recording at Greenhouse in the late 1980s. k.d. lang would end up recording five different projects with Greenhouse including the Engenue album, the album that gave
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