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Best My Interests of All Time

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    LTJ Bukem

    LTJ Bukem

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    LTJ Bukem is the stage name used by the drum and bass musician, producer and DJ Danny Williamson (born 1967). He and his record labels Good Looking and Looking Good Records are most associated with the jazzy, atmospheric side of drum and bass music. He was trained as a classical pianist and discovered jazz fusion in his teenage years, having a jazz funk band at one stage. However by the late 1980s he decided to become a DJ, and gained fame in the rave scene of the early 1990s. As a producer, he released a series of drum and bass tracks such as "Logical Progression" (1990), "Demon's Theme" (1991), "Atlantis" and "Music" (1993). His most notable release was the track "Horizons" (1995) which attained considerable popularity. He then dipped in visibility as a producer, with his work running the London club night Speed and his record label Good Looking Records coming to the fore. A series of compilations entitled Logical Progression highlighted a jazz and ambient influenced side of drum and bass. The style became widely known as intelligent drum and bass, although Bukem himself was opposed to the moniker, unhappy with the implication that other styles of jungle were not intelligent.
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    AFC Wimbledon

    AFC Wimbledon is a professional English football club based in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London. The club currently play in League Two of the Football League, which is the fourth tier of English football. They play at Kingsmeadow, in Kingston upon Thames Greater London, a ground which is shared with Kingstonian. The club was founded in 2002 as a result of Wimbledon F.C.'s relocation to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire; Wimbledon F.C. was subsequently renamed Milton Keynes Dons. The Wimbledon supporters who strongly opposed this move reacted by founding their own club, AFC Wimbledon. In view of its transplanting to Milton Keynes, a large majority of Wimbledon fans felt that the original club no longer represented Wimbledon's legacy and traditions, and thus withdrew their support, choosing instead to start a new so-called "phoenix club" from scratch. When AFC Wimbledon was formed it affiliated to both the London and Surrey Football Associations, and entered the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League, which is the ninth tier in English football. In its short history the club has been extremely successful, being promoted five times in nine seasons, and going up from the
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