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Best Mac Pro of All Time

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    Tina Small

    Tina Small

    A truely beautiful woman the incomparible Tina Small was and hopely still is-discovered on a British Rail,in either the mid or late 1970's,she sent to model throught the 1980's,under the guidence of photographer John Xavier..She had model good looks and body many strippers and adult film stars wish they had.Which may clue you in to why some them felt she was just too good to be true.Tina Small was not only very beautiful and boxum,but she had a brain in her head.Her words and thoughts,in her autobiography showed a woman of true intelligence,deep feeling,a very odd sense of humor and a sense of her world around her.Some ,not many think her book is a work of fiction,but to it read like a diary of a remarkable,young woman,shy,intelligent,caring,sensitive,who just also happen to possess long Rupunzell like hair and an amazing 84 inch big bust-the biggest around despite what the Guiness Book of World Records wants to think.A comic Babs was based on her,as was two others Megga Glance Queen Gazongah. Tohru Nishimaki is a big-breast fan and has produced a number of anime comes featuring really top-heavy ladies as the main characters. While he has never admitted his anime characters are modeled after any real person, he has written in his profile on his website that some of his favorite big-breast models are Chloe Vevrier, SaRenna Lee, Tiffany Towers, Letha Weapons, and Tina Small. Perhaps his most famous work is an adult oriented comic called "Blue Eyes" that has been in production with a number of issues published both in Japan and in the US. The character of "Sarah Christy Fairchild" in the comic seems to most resemble SaRenna, and IMO she was probably the inspiration for Sarah. (Tohru is a fan of Marilyn Monroe too, so it could be Sarah is a projection of a super busty Miss Monroe, not unlike our Miss Lee.) Also in Tohru's comic Sarah has a younger sister, Cecilia Christy Misono. Both women have a familial resemblance to each other which means they both appear to resemble SaRenna IMO, but to me Sarah is the one who bears the closest resemblence to SaRenna. BTW, Sarah has a teenage daughter Claire Florence Fairchild, who was some really huge (Chelsea Charms size) breasts. According to Tohru, Claire is modeled after Tina Small. He drew Claire in memory of Tina, and they share the same birthday, Sept. 10th. Some feel Tina Small was the next Chesty Morgan,while erroniously believe she just the first in a line of Zena Fulsom clones and others,the model for extra large strippers like Chelsea Charms Tina Small wrote her own autobiographt called Big Girls Don't Cry
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