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    • Year Released: 1976
    Caddie is an Australian film, directed by Donald Crombie, released in 1976, and belonging to the Australian film renaissance which occurred during that decade. The film is set in part in Sydney during the 1920s and 1930s, including the Great Depression, and tells of the life of a young middle class woman struggling to raise two children after her marriage breaks up. The film stars Helen Morse (Caddie), Takis Emmanuel, Drew Forsythe, Jack Thompson (Ted), Melissa Jaffer and Jacki Weaver. Caddie (Helen Morse) leaves her adulterous and brutish husband and takes her two children with her to Sydney. Forced to work as a barmaid in a pub she struggles to survive. A brief affair with Ted (Jack Thompson) ends badly, but she falls in love with a Greek immigrant (Takis Emmanuel). Parts of the movie were filmed in and around Balmain with a number of scenes at the Kent Hotel (which later became Caddies Restaurant) and the Sir William Wallace Hotel. Other scenes were filmed in Cameron Street, Edgecliff. Studio shots were taken at the Cinesound Studios in Rozelle. Helen Morse's performance was awarded with the Australian Film Institute's Best Actress award in 1976. Other AFI wins went for Best
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