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    Flesh gordon

    • Year Released: 1974
    Flesh Gordon is a 1974 American science fiction adventure comedy film. It is an erotic spoof of the Flash Gordon serial films from the 1930s. The screenplay was written by Michael Benveniste, who also co-directed the film with Howard Ziehm. The cast includes Jason Williams, Suzanne Fields, and William Dennis Hunt. The film had an MPAA rating of X, but was also re-edited for a reduced rating of R. It has a runtime of 78 minutes, and the collector's edition released later runs for 90 minutes. The storyline is reminiscent of the original Flash Gordon films, but with a generally campy sexual flavor to it. The character names are sexual innuendos, based on character names of the original serial, including the hero Flesh Gordon (Jason Williams); his love interest Dale Ardor [Dale Arden] (Fields); the evil Emperor Wang the Perverted [Ming the Merciless] (William Dennis Hunt); Dr. Flexi Jerkoff [Dr. Alexis Zarkov] (Joseph Hudgins); Amora, Queen of Magic [Princess Aura] (Brandy); and a gay Robin Hood-like character called Prince Precious [Prince Barin] (Lance Larsen). The plot has the Emperor Wang aiming a "Sex Ray" at the Earth from his home world of Porno [Mongo]. The entire planet
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