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    • Year Released: 1956
    Gaby is a 1956 drama film made by MGM. It is the third version of the play Waterloo Bridge, previously made into films in 1931 and 1940. It is the only version of the play made in color, and the least faithful to it. Not only the story but the names of the characters were also changed. This version was directed by Curtis Bernhardt and produced by Edwin H. Knopf. The screenplay was by Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich and Charles Lederer, based on the screenplay of Waterloo Bridge by S. N. Behrman, Paul H. Rameau and George Froeschel. All three versions were based on the play by Robert E. Sherwood. The film stars Leslie Caron as Gaby and John Kerr with Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Taina Elg and Margalo Gillmore. Gaby (Caron) is a ballet dancer in 1944 London who runs into corporal Gregory Wendell (Kerr) while rushing to catch the bus. Greg is mesmerized by Gaby and goes to the ballet to see her on stage, but Gaby wants nothing to do with Greg. He persists, however, and by the end of the day, she agrees to marry him. Before they can marry, however, there is a mountain of red tape and Greg ships out while promising to marry Gaby on his return. When she hears that he has been killed, she makes
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    The delicate delinquent

    • Year Released: 1957
    The Delicate Delinquent is a 1957 American black-and-white film starring Jerry Lewis. It was filmed in 1956 and released on June 6, 1957 by Paramount Pictures and is notable as the first film that Lewis made without his longtime partner Dean Martin. Sydney L. Pythias (Jerry Lewis), a 'juvenile delinquent' who is mistaken for a gang member. Mike Damon (Darren McGavin), a police officer who tries to straighten him out by putting him through police training. After a difficult training and a series of mishaps, Pythias finally proves his worth by graduating and become a police officer. The cost of the film was a little under $500,000, and it grossed about $6 million. It was re-released in 1962 on a double bill with another Lewis film, The Sad Sack (1957). The DVD for the film was released on October 12, 2004.
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