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    I'll be there

    • Year Released: 2003
    I'll Be There is a 2003 British comedy-drama film directed and co-written by Craig Ferguson, who, in his directorial debut, also stars in the film with singer Charlotte Church in her film debut. Charlotte Church stars as an unknown singer who is blessed with a beautiful, natural singing voice. Her character was conceived (literally) the night her mother met a Scottish rock star (Craig Ferguson), but the couple fell out of touch and her dad never knew he had a daughter. Much later, he is "sectioned" after a motorcycle accident is viewed as a suicide attempt, and he meets her while confined to a psychiatric hospital. They get to know each other and become the family they always wanted to be.
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    Institute benjamenta

    Institute benjamenta

    • Year Released: 1995
    Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life, released in 1996, was the first feature-length film by the Brothers Quay. It is based on Jakob von Gunten, a novel written by Robert Walser. It stars Mark Rylance, Alice Krige, and Gottfried John. The plot follows a Jakob, a young man who enters a school, run by brother and sister Herr and Lisa Benjamenta, which trains servants. The teachers emphasize to the students that they are unimportant people. Jakob finds the school to be an oppressive environment, and does not enjoy the lessons in subservience that he receives. He proceeds to challenge the Benjamentas and attempts to shift their perspectives. Lisa is attracted to Jakob and spends time with him, and shows him the secret labyrinth below the school. Lisa soon dies and after her death the institute closes. Herr Benjamenta and Jakob then leave together. Though the film follows the same basic structure as the novel, its plot is more limited. The film does not depict the ending of the novel, in which Jakob travels to a nearby city and meets his brother. The film remains almost exclusively focused on the institute once Jakob arrives there. The Quays have characterized the
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