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    Der choral von leuthen

    • Year Released: 1933
    Der Choral von Leuthen (The Hymn of Leuthen) was a 1933 German film depicting Frederick the Great, directed by Carl Froelich. The screenplay was written by Johannes Brandt and Ilse Spath-Baron. The film starred Otto Gebühr, Olga Tschechowa and Elga Brink. It was part of the cycle of nostalgic Prussian films popular during the Weimar and Nazi eras. The film was loosely based on the novel Fridericus by Walter von Molo. It presented Frederick as an inspired leader. The film premiered four days after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the Reich.
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    The crew of the dora

    • Year Released: 1943
    The Crew of the Dora (German: Besatzung Dora) is a 1943 German film about Luftwaffe men. It depicts a love triangle involving the two of them being overcome by their participation in battle together. It was banned in 1944, because of the worsening war situation; one character, on leave, inspires a girl with hopes of settling in the east, a prospect that no longer looked plausible.
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    The traitor

    • Year Released: 1936
    The Traitor (German: Verräter) is a 1936 German film directed by Karl Ritter.
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