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    Conspirators of pleasure

    • Year Released: 1996
    Conspirators of Pleasure (Czech: Spiklenci slasti) is a 1996 film by Jan Švankmajer. His third feature film after Alice and Faust, it would go on to be nominated for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival. In Prague, Mr Pivonka, an unmarried man, buys some pornography from his local newsagent, Mr Kula, and returns home. A postwoman, Mrs Malková gives him a letter which reads "On Sunday" in cut-out letters. In secret, she then rolls pieces of bread into little balls and carries them in her satchel. Pivonka asks his neighbour, Mrs Loubalová, to slaughter a chicken for him. Using the leftover feathers and papier-mâché made from the pornography, he constructs a chicken head and fabricates wings made from umbrellas. Meanwhile, police captain Beltinsky buys rolling pins and pan lids from the same shop that sells Pivonka's umbrellas. Using these items, plus stolen pieces of fur and sharp things, Beltinsky constructs unusual objects in his workshop. His wife, a newsreader named Beltinska, feels neglected and buys some live carp. She is unaware that Kula is in love with her image and has constructed a machine rigged to stroke and masturbate him when she is on
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