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    And soon the darkness

    • Year Released: 2010
    And Soon the Darkness is a 2010 thriller film directed by Marcos Efron, starring Karl Urban, Amber Heard, and Odette Yustman. Stephanie and Ellie, two young American women, decide to stay in a small hotel on their last night in Argentina. After a drunken night at the local bar, where they encounter some of the local men, the two miss the bus that was supposed to take them to their destination. Rather than wait for another bus, they begin their trip and head down to the nearby river to relax and enjoy their extra day off. The trip takes a turn for the worse when the two are separated after a heated argument, and Ellie is kidnapped. While Stephanie desperately searches for her friend, she is joined by Michael, an American who claims to be looking for his girlfriend who disappeared months before. The duo are assisted by the town's only police officer who acts oddly suspicious. Stephanie finds the hide-out where the kidnapper has taken Ellie and manages to rescue her, but Ellie is later killed by the man who kidnapped her. Later, it is revealed that the lone police officer was behind all the missing girls. The policeman offers to make a trade for Michael's girlfriend, Camila, if he
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    The game

    • Year Released: 2010
    "A group of armed men are wandering in the jungle, tracking each other. Some move in pairs, some move alone, some wear military uniforms and some don’t. Like in any sort of game, rivalries and internal conflicts will not take long to emerge, drawing a line between the strong and the weak." Quoting the synopsis from the 2010 Cannes Film Festival site.
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    The paranoids

    • Year Released: 2008
    The Paranoids is a 2008 comedy film written by Nicolas Gueilburt and Gabriel Medina and directed by Gabriel Medina.
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