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    Best laid plans

    • Year Released: 1999
    Best Laid Plans is a 1999 American crime film directed by Mike Barker. Bryce (Brolin) is a successful man who returns to his tiny hometown for a visit. While there, he runs into his old friend Nick (Nivola). The two decide to go out for the night. When they enter a bar, Bryce encounters Lissa (Witherspoon), a blonde temptress whom he eventually takes home for the night. When he awakens, Lissa informs him that she is underage and threatens to tell the police that Bryce has committed statutory rape. Bryce panics and decides to tie her up and hide her away in the basement. He then makes a call to Nick. Unbeknownst to Bryce, Lissa is actually Nick's girlfriend. The two had schemed to use Bryce's money to leave their tiny hometown. California on Location Awards
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    Little nikita

    • Year Released: 1988
    Little Nikita is a cult 1988 American drama film directed by Richard Benjamin and starring Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix. Jeff Grant (River Phoenix), a brash hyperactive high school student lives in San Diego with his parents, who own a successful garden centre. Keen to fly, he has applied for entry to the Air Force Academy. During a routine background check on Jeff, FBI agent Roy Parmenter (Poitier) finds contradictory information on his parents, making him suspect that all is not as it should be. Further investigations reveal that they may be 'sleeper' agents for the Soviet Union with a teenager son, Jeff Nicholas. Unable to arrest them as they haven't actually done anything yet, Roy continues his investigation, and moves into the house across the street from the Grant family. He worms his way into their confidence. He eventually confronts Jeff with his suspicions and seeks Jeff's cooperation to learn more about his family. Initially unbelieving, Jeff is soon forced to accept the facts and discovers that even his own name is fictitious, his real name is Nikita. Roy confides to Jeff that twenty years earlier, his partner was killed by a Soviet agent, known only as 'Scuba'
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