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    • Year Released: 2006
    1:1 is a 2006 Danish social drama film directed by Annette K. Olesen. The film is an allegorical exploration of the relationships between members of different ethnic groups, seeking to show the cyclical processes through which enmity between the immigrant Arab and native Danish communities in Denmark is maintained. Mia (a Danish girl) and Shadi (an Arab boy) are two young lovers whose relationship blossoms in the most hostile of environments: a block of housing projects of lower class Copenhagen, where they both live. Shadi finds things especially difficult, and must hide his affair from his parents, while Mia (and her mother) contend with a grandmother who insists that the housing block and the people in it are not worthy of them, and constantly pleads that they move elsewhere. When Mia’s brother, Per, is brutally beaten, requiring constant medical care, all concerned wonder at his attacker. Shadi suspects his boxer brother Tariq, whom he knows was at the same party Per attended the night of his assault, and who doesn’t approve of the relationship between him and Mia. Shadi confronts his brother, but cannot stand up to him strongly enough to find out the truth. Meanwhile, the
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