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    The visitor

    • Year Released: 1979
    The Visitor (1979) is a psychological thriller film directed by Giulio Paradisi (Michael J. Paradise), based on a story by the Egyptian writer (and producer) Ovidio G. Assonitis. The film starred such names as John Huston, Shelley Winters, Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, and Sam Peckinpah. Prominent Libertarian talk-show host Neal Boortz also had a role in the movie. The film was a co-production between Italy and the United States, with an Italian title of Stridulum and Spanish of El visitante del más allá. A young girl with telekinetic powers is the focus of a battle between good and evil. Katy Collins (Paige Conner) is no ordinary 8 year-old girl. Indeed, she is unique, carrying within her the power of Sateen, an inter-spacial force of immense magnitude. Katy's primary mission on earth is to carry these genes forward, a task accomplished by convincing her mother, Barbara (Joanne Nail) to bear a similarly endowed male child with whom Katy would eventually mate. The film-making involved a great deal of symbolism, with an attempt to be an art film, though it ultimately received poor reviews by the mainstream critics. The film has been called a rip-off of Close Encounters of the Third Kind,
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