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    • Year Released: 2008
    Silent is a film by writer/director Michael Pleckaitis (Trees, Trees 2: The Root of All Evil). The film is currently in the final stages of production in Northern New Jersey, with a planned release in Fall 2007. The film is produced by Revscope Pictures, Inc., formed by Michael Pleckaitis and his wife Andrea, along with Carl Frederick, a 15-year veteran of MTV and CBS who also helped put the finishing touches on the screenplay. Pleckaitis has said he has bigger ambitions for Silent. The film is more serious than his previous efforts, and he hopes to submit it to film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival. "It's less commercial than my previous films, less bubblegum," he said. "I hope it opens some doors." The idea for Silent came to Pleckaitis in 2005, while he was dozing on aboard New Jersey Transit on the way to work. He had just moved from Connecticut to New Jersey to marry his fiancᅢᄅe, Andrea -- a Chatham, NJ native he met at a charity event -- and had given up filmmaking to take up a "real job" as an advertising strategist at Prometheus, a media company in New York City. Still, Pleckaitis, who started making home videos with his brothers when he was 12,
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