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    • Year Released: 2006
    Salvage is a 2006 horror film by the Crook Brothers. It was an official selection of the 2006 Sundance Festival. According to the directors' commentary, the film was shot for around $25,000. It stars Lauren Currie Lewis as Claire Parker, Cody Darbe as her boyfriend Jimmy, and Chris Ferry as the killer, Duke Desmond. After a disturbing title sequence establishing dread and foreboding in a salvage yard, the film proper begins with Claire closing out her graveyard shift at the convenience store. She is to be picked up by her boyfriend and driven home but instead someone else, who identifies himself as "Duke" is driving her boyfriend's truck. After an unsettling ride home during which Duke makes increasingly overt sexual comments about her, Claire closes herself into the safety of her house, but Duke shows up at her door again, claiming she has dropped an earring. Claire refuses to let him in, and he drops the earring on her front porch and apparently leaves. Claire spends several agonizing moments crouched in the doorway retrieving the earring, but upon successfully recapturing it and pulling the door closed, finds her back door has swung open. Duke has entered the house from the rear
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