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    Trace of stones

    • Year Released: 1966
    Traces of Stones (German: Spur der Steine) is a 1966 East German film by Frank Beyer. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Erik Neutsch and starred Manfred Krug in the main role. After its premiere in Potsdam the film was shown only for three days, then the film was shelved due to conflicts with the Socialist Unity Party, the ruling communist party in East Germany. Only 23 years later the film was shown again, in October 1989. The film revolves around three characters. Hannes Balla, played by Manfred Krug, is a talented, yet vulgar construction foreman. He leads a crew of about 20, all of which dress and act in a similarly delinquent fashion, to head a state-funded construction project. "The Party" (the only name it is referred to in the film) sends secretary Werner Horrath, played by Eberhard Esche, to keep on eye on the construction site and get Balla to calm down. Entering the situation is Kati Klee, played by Krystyna Stypulkovska, an ambitious technician who has come to the construction project against the advice of her superiors. What forms is a love triangle set against the personal politics of "The Party" as well as the work the three are supposed to be doing
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