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    Seven servants

    Seven servants

    • Year Released: 1996
    Seven Servants is a USA - Germany co-production 1996 German drama -comedy film made by Daryush Shokof. The movie is about a man (Anthony Quinn) who wants to unite and "connect" the races until his last breath. An old man named Archie Anthony Quinn hires seven servants of both genders and different races to get connected to him by plugging up his body openings until his last breath. The servants stay connected to the old man's body for the next ten days. They eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom and fight thieves together. They overcome many difficulties by staying "united", until finally, an opera singer arrives to plug up his final facial opening and take the last breath away from him . Archie dies in peace, pleasure and harmony because he has the people around him "united" at last, even if it is only a "bodily" unification and through him as the catalyst. Gato Barbieri composed the sound track for the film.
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    • Year Released: 2004
    Jargo is a 2004 coming of age film about a young man who experiences culture shock from moving from Saudi Arabia to Germany. The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won two awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival. It was directed by Maria Solrun. Tagline: The film is about a young man, Jargo (Constantin von Jascheroff), who is of German descent but has resided in Saudi Arabia with his parents. After his father (Udo Kier)commits suicide, Jargo and his mother move to Berlin. Jargo experiences culture shock, as he is alienated from German culture. He meets a similar aged companion, Kamil (Oktay Özdemir), a working-class youth of Turkish origin. Kamil is a petty criminal, who attracts Jargo, upon whom he comes to have a significant influence. Kamil is passionately in love with his substance-abusive girlfriend, played by Nora von Waldstätten, whose fickleness and instability eventually lead to a crisis between Jargo and Kamil.
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