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    The last broadcast

    • Year Released: 1998
    The Last Broadcast is a 1998 American horror film made by Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler. The film deals with a documentary film-maker named David Leigh, and his investigation of the Fact or Fiction murders, where a pair of Public-access television cable TV hosts are murdered in mysterious circumstances. Leigh sets out to find the truth behind these killings while making his documentary. Fact or Fiction is a show dealing with unsolved mysteries and the paranormal. Its two hosts are Steven "Johnny" Avkast and Locus Wheeler. Initially a success, we find out through Leigh's investigations that the show is failing and is threatened with imminent cancellation. It is at this point that Avkast comes up with the idea of a live Internet Relay Chat section of the show. It is during one such chat that a caller gives Avkast the idea of searching for The Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens (the film only mentions the Jersey Devil, however, and gives absolutely no background details of the legend). Leaping on this idea, Avkast and Wheeler recruit Rein Clackin, a sound-man who allegedly can record the paranormal, and Jim Suerd, a psychic who, Leigh discovers, is emotionally disturbed. The plan is
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