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    Sing, sinner, sing

    • Year Released: 1933
    Sing, Sinner, Sing is a 1933 American film directed by Howard Christie. Leila Hyams plays a singer who is accused of her husband's murder. At the time the movie was released, it was recognized as being loosely based on the 1932 Libby Holman-Zachary Smith Reynolds case. Various artists, such as Lionel Hampton and Marshall Royal, can be seen playing in bands in the film.
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    The devil is a woman

    • Year Released: 1935
    The Devil Is a Woman is a 1935 romance film directed and photographed by Josef von Sternberg, adapted from the 1898 novel La Femme et le pantin by Pierre Louÿs. The film was based on a screenplay by John Dos Passos, and stars Marlene Dietrich, with Lionel Atwill, Cesar Romero, Edward Everett Horton and Luisa Espinel who was the paternal aunt of Linda Ronstadt. The story takes place during the Carnival in Spain. Don Pasquale explains to Antonio Galvan that Concha Pérez broke his heart. In spite of this warning Antonio falls in love with Concha himself. This leads to a duel with pistols between Don Pasquale and Antonio. Concha begs Don Pasquale not to hurt Antonio, and he shoots into the air. Don Pasquale is wounded by Antonio's shot, but not fatally. Concha asks Antonio to take her to Paris, but then leaves him for Don Pasquale. The film won the Award for Best Cinematography at the Venice Film Festival.
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