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    Autumn man

    • Year Released: 2009
    Autumn Man is a 2009 short film written and directed by Jonas Selberg Augustsén. "Heikki and Markku are best friends and live in Tornedalen, Sweden. They are not the most popular individuals in the region since they make a living stealing from lonely widows. The Autumn has arrived and Markkus recurrent depression is a fact. But this Autumn will be different. It starts going bad for Heikki and Markku. Everything they do goes wrong and it looks like a higher power is trying to tell them something about their amoral lifestyle. Heikki brace himself when bad things happen while Markku reacts in another way. He seems to be a little more sensitive and a little more open minded. He feels like something have to change this Autumn… Höstmannen” is a film who wants to show how important caffeine and poetry is for the human emotional life and tries to open the doors against the paradoxical mysteries of the Autumn: That everything that lives must die one day." Quoting the synopsis from the Official Site. "My presentation was to lean slowly inward and with pretty trivial and minimal funds try to close in on the big mysteries. Stand with one foot in the easy life and with one in the hard and meditate over death and the cyclical lifestyle of the North, I think..." Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Director
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