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    How i unleashed world war ii

    • Year Released: 1970
    How I Unleashed World War II (Polish: Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową) is a Polish feature film made in 1969, based on Kazimierz Sławiński's novel "Przygody kanoniera Dolasa" (The adventures of Dolas the cannoneer). It was shot in Sochi, Baku, Poświętne and Łódź, among other places. The film was divided into three parts: Originally black and white, it was digitally colorized in 2000 by the Hollywood company Dynacs Digital Studios, as requested by the Studio Filmowe "Oko" and TV Polsat. The movie tells the story of a Polish soldier Franciszek Dolas, who - as a result of comical coincidences - is convinced that he started the Second World War. Trying to redeem himself at all costs, he constantly gets into new trouble. In doing so, he finds himself on different war fronts (Yugoslavia, Mediterranean Sea, Near East, Italy) and eventually returns to Poland.
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