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    St. benny the dip

    • Year Released: 1951
    St. Benny the Dip is a 1951 American film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. The film is also known as Escape If You Can in the United Kingdom. It opens with one of the few depictions of the East River maritime area of New York City many years before it became the South Street Seaport tourist attraction. Benny (Dick Haymes]), Monk (Lionel Stander) and Matthew (Roland Young]) are three small-time crooks trying to escape a police dragnet in New York City. After hiding in a church and taking minister's suits and dog collars, they emerge, dressed as priests, and find shelter in an abandoned Bowery mission. When beat cops mistake them for real ministers sent to restore the soup kitchen, they're forced to go along with repairs, holding services and feeding the poor. They have to decide whether to stay, steal the mission money and run; or, change their lives. Like the Priest allowing Jean Valjean to escape, in Les Misérables, it's the first time they've been treated with respect, and had a chance to do some good work, for awhile. The question is whether the police detectives or junior priests will turn them in before they even have a chance.
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