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    Hear my song

    • Year Released: 1991
    Hear My Song is a 1991 film, written by the actors Peter Chelsom (who directed) and Adrian Dunbar (who plays the lead), based on the story of Irish tenor Josef Locke. It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 1993 BAFTA awards. The film also stars Tara FitzGerald, David McCallum, Shirley Anne Field, James Nesbitt, and Ned Beatty (as Locke). The story revolves around an attempt by Micky O'Neill (Dunbar) to revive the fortunes of his Liverpool nightclub by promising his patrons that he will produce Josef Locke. After a series of unfortunate bookings (including, most notably, Franc Cinatra, a Sinatra impersonator), Micky books the mysterious Mr. X, a man who insists that he cannot be booked as Jo Locke due to the legal issues that would invariably ensue. The elusive Locke left England during the 1950s to avoid paying taxes, leaving behind "a beauty queen, a Jaguar sportscar, and a pedigree dalmatian, all of them pining." O'Neill's personal and professional life are left in ruin after the beauty queen, Kathleen Doyle, exposes his Mr. X as a fraud. O'Neill returns to Ireland to find the one true Josef Locke and bring him back.
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