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    88 antop hill

    • Year Released: 2003
    88 Antop Hill is a 2003 mystery thriller Hindi film. The story, screenplay and direction are by Kushan Nandy; dialogues by Ashish Deo. The film is a murder mystery and is loosely based on James Hadley Chase's novel Tiger By The Tail. The film opens with the brutal murder of Neeraj Shah (Sachin Dubey). His body is dumped in the trunk of a car. This crime isn't committed on impulse: Whoever did it had good reason. We then enter the life of a bank executive Pratyush Shelar (Atul Kulkarni). He gets home late on his anniversary because he had to console an old college classmate about her marital woes. His own marital woes are worsened when his wife Antara (Suchitra Pillai) kicks up a big fight and leaves their home with their daughter Saanjh. Pratyush is upset about this. His colleague Aslam Durrani (Harsh Khurana) picks up on this and suggests an exotic dancer Teesta (Shweta Menon). Pratyush is too upset to be interested. But Aslam is determined; later that night he calls Pratyush and pretends as though some thugs are about to kill him. He asks Pratyush to come immediately to a certain location. That location is 88 Antop Hill. Pratyush arrives. 88 Antop Hill is a halfway house mainly
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