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    The delicate art of the rifle

    The delicate art of the rifle

    • Year Released: 1996
    The Delicate Art of the Rifle is a 1996 independent film directed by Dante W. Harper, with a screenplay by Stephen Grant, based on his short story by the same name. It is a surrealistic comedy-drama about a school shooting as seen through the eyes of a socially awkward college student named Jay. Walt Whitman, the shooter, is loosely based on Charles Whitman, but the film is not in any way a factual account of the 1966 shootings at the University of Texas. The movie takes the point-of-view of Jay (David Grant), a college student whose main interests are theater and computer games. While Jay moves around his school's well-equipped theater building he delivers a long voice-over soliloquy revealing his quirky personality. Jay has difficulty interpreting other people: he mentions that his classmates often try to trick him into believing absurd statements, and he cannot always tell whether girls are just being polite to him or if they especially like him. Jay's voice-over is intercut with scenes of the production that is being performed in the theater, a fashion show version of Hamlet. Jay leaves the theater and encounters one of his professors, Dr. Max Boaz (John Kessel). As Jay and Max
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