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    Before the light turns green

    • Year Released: 2000
    Before the Light Turns Green is a 2000 film about art, which was produced by John M. Bolger and Drew Maxwell. The film has a film noir style and blends elements of metafilm and psychodrama. An artist fears for his life in this odd mix of comedy and drama. The protagonist, Jack, is haunted by doppelgangers who seem to want to kill him. Jack also suffers from physical pain, but the source may be his continuing metaphysical, existential dilemma. Starring Ben Budd, Christine Bergan, and James Pickering. Music by Willy Porter, Aaron Kopec & Brian Kopec-Farrell of Nagasaki Gold & The Alchemist Theatre, The Promise Ring, David Maxon, Evan Todd, Michael Wegner & Amy Rohan.
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