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    The yellow sea

    • Year Released: 2010
    The Yellow Sea (Hangul: 황해; RR: Hwang hae) is a 2010 Korean thriller film directed by Na Hong-jin. In the Yanbian Province of China, Gu-nam (Ha Jung-woo), an ethnic Korean, or Joseonjok, toils away as a taxi driver. When not working, he is often found at gambling halls. Gu-Nam is now in serious debt. His wife left to work in South Korea and promised to send money back. He has yet to hear from her and is tormented by nightmares of her having an extra-marital affair. To make matters worse, Gu-Nam is fired from his job and debt collectors take most of his severance pay. Local gangster, Myun Jung-hak (Kim Yoon-seok), offers him a deal: If Gu-Nam goes to South Korea to kill a businessman, he will get ¥57,000 ($10,000 USD). Gu-Nam accepts and leaves for South Korea by train and a rickety fishing boat, with $500 dollars for expenses. When Gu-Nam arrives in South Korea, he carefully scopes out his target for days, while also searching for his wife. When the time arrives for Gu-Nam to take out his target, a string of unexpected events occurs, leaving him desperately looking for a way out. Meanwhile, the police, the South Korean mob, and the Chinese mafia all frantically search for
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