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    Les démoniaques

    • Year Released: 1974
    Les Démoniaques is a 1974 film directed by Jean Rollin, about a group of shipwrecked sailors who brutally rape two young woman and the woman re-emerge after making a pact with the devil to get their revenge. At the end of the last century on the north European coasts, lived men who feared neither God nor the law. They lured ships towards the rocks where they were smashed to pieces. These men then plundered the wrecks. They were called wreckers. The Captain is their leader; he is an evil man, his strength gives him power over his henchmen. He has committed so many crimes that he has become almost mad. Villagers say he is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. His madness makes him dangerous and unpredictable. Le Bosco is one of his henchmen; he is cursed by all navies, the bad seed of the crew. He landed there dead drunk from a ship one night, with his bad on his shoulder, he follows the captain, but this sailor, never without his knife, hates taking orders. He bides his time like a vulture. He is false and crafty. Paul is the captain's other henchman. He is a former sailor, he suffers the captain's orders but grovels to Le Bosco, he will be on the winner's side. He is cruel and
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