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    A handful of dust

    • Year Released: 1988
    A Handful of Dust is a 1988 film directed by Charles Sturridge, based on the 1934 novel by Evelyn Waugh. It stars James Wilby and Kristin Scott Thomas.
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    • Year Released: 1987
    Aria is a 1987 British film produced by Don Boyd from Virgin Group's visual section consisting of ten short films by a variety of directors. It was entered into the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. Each segment features its director's visual accompaniment to arias and scenes from operas. Each film has minimal dialogue (most have none at all), with most of the spoken content being the operas' lyrics (libretto) in Italian, French, or German. The music archive source was RCA Records (which at the time included Erato Records, a label which later went to Warner Music; RCA is now a part of Sony BMG, further complicating the film's music rights). A fictionalized account of a 1931 assassination attempt on King Zog of Albania, notable for his shooting back at his would-be assassins and surviving. (In the actual attempt, King Zog was leaving a performance of Pagliacci.) Three London teenagers skip school and steal a car. Two nude women try to attract the attention of oblivious bodybuilders. A bedroom farce set in San Luis Obispo's famous Madonna Inn in which a movie producer cheats on his wife unaware that she, too, is there with a clandestine lover of her own. A look at the seemingly-dead city of
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