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    • Year Released: 2007
    Popcorn is a British teen comedy film released in March 2007, written and directed by Darren Fisher. It was filmed in 2005 at one of London's largest multiplex cinemas (Odeon Greenwich). Too insecure to approach the girl of his dreams, Danny (Jack Ryder) takes a job at his local movie house where she works, only to learn his first day is her last. After his initial efforts to woo her fail, he resorts to drastic measures by enlisting the help of the chief projectionist, a man who no longer knows the difference between the real and the film worlds. A majority of the reviews received by this film have not been positive according to online sources. Matthew Leyland from BBC gives it two out of five stars, saying that “few of the jokes hit the target” and the “leads were dull.” He acknowledges the film’s ambition, which uses “slapstick, sight gags, sound gags (movie dialogue finishing characters' sentences) and manga-esque inserts.” According to, 34% of the audience liked the film, giving it an average rating of 2.8 out of five. Anna Smith from Empire Magazine also gave the film a negative review, rating it one out of five. She states that Popcorn is “a well-meaning
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