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    • Year Released: 2009
    "Cole Chambers (Richard de Klerk) is an aspiring writer living in the small British Columbia town of Lytton. While the community of 350 may lack the speed of the big city, it nonetheless provides intriguing source material for the stories that fill Cole's notebook. Hoping to gain experience, he enrolls in a writing course at a university in the city, a three-hour drive each way. In class he meets Serafina (Kandyse McClure), a black woman who lives with her wealthy and controlling parents. Attracted to the possibility of escape that the other offers, Cole and Serafina start an affair few close to them understand. However, Cole's responsibilities at home include helping his sister Maybelline (Sonja Bennett) run the family gas station and store, as well as keeping her husband, Bobby (Chad Willett), from beating her or Rocket (Jack Forrester), her son from another relationship. Forced to work at the station, Cole feels his chances of evading a certain future for one of unknown promise are beginning to fade, and he must take drastic steps to change directions." Quoting Jesse Wente.
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