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    • Year Released: 1936
    Accused is a 1936 British mystery film directed by Thornton Freeland. Two dance partners become embroiled in a murder mystery when one of the dancers is accused of murder.
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    Charley's (big-hearted) aunt

    • Year Released: 1940
    Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt is a 1940 British comedy film directed by Walter Forde starring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch as Oxford 'scholars'. The film is one of many to be made based on the farce Charley's Aunt.
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    Penn of pennsylvania

    • Year Released: 1942
    Penn of Pennsylvania is a 1941 British historical drama film directed by Lance Comfort and starring Deborah Kerr, Clifford Evans, Dennis Arundell, Henry Oscar, Herbet Lomas and Edward Rigby. The film depicts the life of the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. It portrays his struggle to be granted a colonial charter in London and attracting settlers to his new colony as well as his adoption a radical new approach with regard to the treatment of the Native Americans. It is also known by the alternative title Courageous Mr. Penn. The idea of a film about Penn was developed by the producer Richard Vernon. After listening to a radio broadcast by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Vernon had been struck by how similar his views were to the Quaker philosophy of William Penn the next morning he approached bosses at British National Films and pitched the idea of a Penn biopic to them, securing their support. Anatole de Grunwald hastily wrote a screenplay and the film began production at Elstree Studios on 10 February 1941. Deborah Kerr, a rising star, although not yet 20 years old, was given equal billing with Clifford Evans, who played Penn, but had far less screen time as the
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    Pot luck

    • Year Released: 1936
    Pot Luck is a 1936 British comedy film directed by and starring Tom Walls and based on a play by Ben Travers. It also featured Ralph Lynn, Robertson Hare, Diana Churchill and Martita Hunt. A retired Scotland Yard detective, Patrick Fitzpatrick (Tom Walls) comes back to take one final case, tracking down a missing vase which has been stolen by a gang of thieves specialising in taking art treasures. His investigation takes him to the home of the innocent Mr Pye (Robertson Hare), whose house has been used by the crooks to hide their proceeds.
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