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    Mr. 3000

    • Year Released: 2004
    Mr. 3000 is a 2004 American sports comedy film starring Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett. The film's plot surrounds a retired Major League Baseball player who makes a comeback at age 47 in order to attain 3,000 hits. Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) was a Milwaukee Brewers baseball star. After recording his 3,000th hit the selfish, narcissistic Ross immediately retired, leaving the team without one of its star players in the middle of the 1995 playoff race. During the next nine years Ross used his nickname as a business tool, owning several profitable properties under the name "Mr. 3000" that made him a rich man. The Brewers retire Ross' number several years after his retirement. Although many fans came to the ceremony, other players, including teammates and fellow stars Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, and Cecil Cooper, stayed away. Only his best friend and a middle relief pitcher from his early days in the majors attend, and the ex-pitcher mocks Ross' attitude. Ross learns that, due to a clerical error, he retired with 2,997 hits instead of 3,000. The error also partially contributes to Ross not being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and makes his "Mr. 3000" marketing gimmick inaccurate. Ross
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    Outing riley

    • Year Released: 2004
    Outing Riley is a 2004 comedy film written, directed, and starring Pete Jones, about a gay man coming out to his three brothers. It was screened at the 2004 Chicago International Film Festival and released on video in 2007. Bobby Riley (Pete Jones) is a gay man in the closet, afraid to come out to his three older brothers, even though he's over 30, makes his own money, lives on his own, and is being pressed by his more liberal sister, his boyfriend, and his lesbian beard to tell them. The death of his father and a fishing trip with his brothers provide occasions when he could tell them, but he fails. The expectations of a close-knit Irish Catholic family in Chicago are hard for him to overcome. Eventually all the family's secrets are revealed, his brothers' as well as Bobby's, and the siblings all grow closer in the process.
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