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    Arm's Way

    Arm's Way is the second studio album by Montreal-based Indie rock band, Islands. It was released on May 20, 2008 on CD and download. The album's title is a play on the words "harm's way". The album leaked online on April 11, 2008. Nick Thorburn has commented that the album artwork itself resembles a vagina. Drummer Aaron outlined the album's concept and the band's songwriting approach thus: We took a different approach with this album in that the music is focused on the band members - there are not any special appearances. Arm's was conceived in Montreal, we wrote the songs in a room with old NOFX and Insane Clown Posse posters on the wall. As a band we put the music together and then singer Nick Thorburn wrote the lyrics. The full album is streaming on the band's MySpace page. Produced by Ryan Hadlock and Islands Engineered by Ryan Hadlock Assistant Engineering by Mathieu Roberge Mixed by Rob Schnapf and Doug Boehm Mix Engineer Assistant: Chris Constable Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone Songs written by Nick Thorburn Music arranged by Islands Drum programming on track 5 by Corn Gangg Recorded at Mixart in Montreal & Bear Creek in Woodinville, April & May 2007 Mixed at
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    Return to the Sea

    Return to the Sea is the full-length debut by indie rock band Islands. It was released April 4, 2006 on Equator Records. The cover painting is "The Sea of Ice" by Caspar David Friedrich, 1824.
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    Vapours is the third studio album by Montreal-based Indie rock band, Islands. It was released on September 22, 2009. Talking to Pitchfork, Diamonds told how he stripped away many of the layers present on the previous Islands album, 2008's Arm's Way. "I needed to withdraw from overblown metaphors and filling every possible sonic space," said Diamonds. "So this record is just made up of sequenced programming, synths, drum machines, guitars, and real bass. And an electric sitar. In this album, Nick "Diamonds" is now going by his real name "Nick Thorburn", Also, the Islands original drummer Jamie Thompson returns to the band."
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