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    • Year Released: 1998
    Fallen is a 1998 supernatural thriller film, directed by Gregory Hoblit, and starring Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Donald Sutherland. The film opens with Philadelphia Police Detective John Hobbes (Denzel Washington) struggling and gasping for breath in a snow-ridden forest, with his voice overdubbing in a narration-style, saying "Let me tell you about the time I almost died." In the present day, Hobbes gains notoriety for capturing serial killer Edgar Reese (Elias Koteas). After Reese is executed, Hobbes and his partner Jonesy (John Goodman) investigate a string of murders by an apparent copycat killer. Eventually Hobbes tracks down the killer and confronts him alone, where the man makes a startling claim: he is the same killer Hobbes sentenced to death, but not Edgar Reese; rather, he is the demon Azazel, and was possessing Reese's body during the murders. Azazel claims he can possess any person merely by touching them. One of the few exceptions is Detective Hobbes, which has turned Azazel's ire at the Detective for capturing him into an obsession. Hobbes is skeptical of Azazel's claims until the demon begins to sing "Time Is on My Side", then begins to possess people via
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