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    Delta force 3: the killing game

    • Year Released: 1991
    Delta Force 3: The Killing Game, also known as Young Commandos and Delta Force 3, is a 1991 Cannon Film. It is the third and final film into the Delta Force trilogy. It is the only film in the series not to star Chuck Norris, although it does star his son Mike Norris. Terrorist Kahlil Kadal (Jonathan Cherchi) has threatened to bomb Miami, Florida unless western influence is removed from the Middle East. In order to keep Kadal from detonating an atomic bomb in Miami, The Delta Force, with new leaders Charles (Nick Casavetes) and Greg (Mike Norris), team up with a group of Russian soldiers and head to El-Qutar, Kadal's hometown in the fictional country of Sudalia, so they can hunt for Kadal.
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    The human shield

    • Year Released: 1991
    The Human Shield is a 1991 film directed by Ted Post. It stars Michael Dudikoff and Tommy Hinkley. It is about a former government agent who must save his diabetic brother from Iraqi abductors.
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