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    August the first

    August the first

    • Year Released: 2007
    "The fact that the family in Olabisi’s film is black has nothing to do with the story, even though, on the other hand, the director’s aim was to alter the schematic view of the Afro-American family whose crisis scenarios are usually based on images of drug-related issues or crime. Moreover, films which analyse smouldering, edgy family relations in middle-class black families aren’t exactly flooding the multiplexes… August 1st begins auspiciously. A big barbecue party has been organised by fresh graduate Tunde. Lots of family and friends have come together for the occasion without knowing that the star of the show won’t be Tunde, but a special secret guest whose presence has also determined the date of the celebration: Dipo, Tunde’s father. Ten years ago he left his alcoholic wife – suffering from advanced breast cancer – and their three children and went off to Nigeria. Some of the guests, including Tunde, welcome him with open arms; others, including his wife Rhonda, turn their backs on him. Old wounds come to the surface and Tunde desperately tries to restore a sense of calm to the family reunion. However, he doesn’t realise that Dipo has quite different reasons for returning to a place he has long since ceased calling home." Quoting the synopsis from the 2007 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival site.
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